Haier washing machine E2 error

My Haier washing machine keep on giving eoor E2 everytime I press start. User manual says that lid don't close properly but lid is closed.I tried to open the circuit panel but i ca't find how to open certain screws. I need service manual or advice on how to replace the lid. Same problem - different machine. We have the front loader, we just installed it and we can't even use it as we are getting the E2 message.

I have a Hair Washing Machine, everytime I started my load it would beep and flash E2 in digital screen, I just played around with the lid, applying pressure on the right bottom side and it started to work - when I let go of the pressure it went back to beeping, so Im gathering it is the lid, so far I have something heavy sitting on the left hand side of lid - this will work until I can get it fixed.

Normally pump filter is the best place to start it could be jamed with a coin or hair clip if you take machine outside and empty it then lay it on its side you can access the pump take it off then stand up the machine and pour hot water into the soap draw check water should run out of bottom freely taking any fluff or bits with it now take apart the pump and clean it all out dry all components before reasembly if the machine still doesent wory could need a new pump

There is a magnet in the lid on the side that needs to connect to the sensor within the machine, it could be that your magnet has come away or dislodged, worst case is to puchase a strong enough magnet to glue on or to replace the lid.

Haier HWM5TL error E2 is the lid not closed error.
switch in control panel and sensor near front in the top body frame is the problem. try pressing start and keep pressing it and do not stop pressing it. is machine does what it should while pressing the button then it's something to do with the lid not being told it's closed. pressing and holding the start button is a manual over ride to test the machine.

Its a common error,
Error message:Drain error, water can be not drained fully within the required drain time
Reason 1. Pump filter is blocked.
Solution 1. Please open and clean the pump filter. (Filter access door is on the bottom right, at floor level of the washing machine)
Step 1.Push a flat blade screwdriver into the slot on the filter cover and pull it open ,do not use excessive force.(Fig 1).
Step 2.Remove the rubber hose from its clip and stand a suitable container under it, remove the bung to drain the water (Fig 2-3)
Step 3.Replace the bung and fit it back into its clip (Fig 4-5).
Step 4. Unscrew the filter and rinse it under running water, replace it and close the flap(Fig 6-7-8).
1. The filter must be in place during operation, ensure it is in place after cleaning to avoid leakage.
2.Place a container under the drain pump filter, to collect any excess water that may come out of the drain pump when the filter is removed.

Reason 2. Drain hose end is higher than 100cm above the floor level.
Solution 2. Please adjust the height of drain hose to 80-100cm above the floor.

Reason 3. Drain hose is blocked or twisted.
Solution 3. Please check and clean the drain hose for blockage.

Reason 4. Drain hose is too long, or water is back filling from waste water pipes.
Solution 4. Remove any extension to the original drain hose.
Ensure the highest part of the drain hose is nearest the washing machine.Check the waste water pipes in the building are clear of any obstructions and flow freely.
Haier washing machine E2 error - haier-washing-machine-e2-error-wn2zw5t0iqqp2ojo2ovdpux5-3-0.png