I have an LG Tromm wm2487 front load washer. We have occaisonally gotten the OE code, with nothing clogging the filter. It now will spin slowly to agitate the clothes, but will not spin them dry. It makes a light humming sound but will not spin. Is this a bad motor? Or is it linked to the OE code somehow?

I had the same problem and it was a bad sensor assembly (#6501KW2002A). You can order
it from an online electronics store (www.mcminone.com). Cost is approx. $20.

I fixed it based on a thread from 2007:
See http://www.fixya.com/support/t159708-lg_washer_wm1832c

But, here's what I did:
1. Unplug the machine.
2. Take off the back plate that has 4 small screws.
3. Unscrew the big bolt in the middle.
4. Take off the hubcap looking part the bolt was securing.
5. Unclip the two sets of wires on the bottom of the circle you are looking at
(the set of wires to the right are connected to the sensor assembly you want to replace).
6. Unscrew the 6 smaller bolts to take off the circular piece that the sensor assembly is snapped to.
7. Mark with a pen where the sensor attaches so you know where to snap the new one.
8. Unclip the old sensor assembly and clip on the new one
9. Reassemble.

Take the front off and check all the hoses going in and out of the drain pump.

You are likely using too much detergent or the detergent is not high-efficiency detergent. Change detergents and/or lower amount and this problem should go away.

The water port on the back allows air inside the tub to escape. However, if the wrong type or quantity of detergent are used, excess suds will flow from this port.

There is a door on the bottom og this machine, I opened the door to find a little spot, I placed a bowel under the spout and opened it, drained all of the liquid out and this problem stopped! I also ran the machine on hot water with bleach after I emptied this resevoir. How often you do laundry will determine how often you must empty it. For me, once every 6-8 months does the trick!

Find the drain pump and check the sloppiness of the impeller, if it has sloppiness in the shaft it throws a code and some times it will work just enough to not throw a code but not pull the water enough at spin cycle...
They run around $150 online, fairly easy to replace.
The slowing of the machine may be a limp mode, so that you don't tear up the rest of the machine...good luck!

Replace the Drain Pump. Its very cheap to replace, so do not worry. The impeller magnet was most likely damaged by a small object or normal wear & tear,

If you want to be sure, first remove it and attach power to its 2 pins.

Good Luck :-) - J.Q

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