When any of the "normal" wash programs are

It sounds to me like you may have blown a fuse or tripped a breaker. If your washer uses a regular 110 volt outlet, you can try plugging in another electrical appliance of some sort to see if there is any power in the outlet. The only other possibility I can think of right now is possibly a fuse inside the machine.

The timer could be sticking OR: Is the machine empty of water when it stops? This information may help solve your problem?

what you have is whats called a magnetic pump it should feel jerky to rotate but should be free without locking up, this pump is designed this way to avoid little things getting blocked in it. if the pump is free from blockages and works electrically, then the pump is not a problem, the problem sounds like the motor or the motor control board pcb which is located at the side of the timer (i think on that model) first check the motor carbons for wear, the armature for signs of burning or sparking, then the module for any signs of scorching etc, difficult thing to diagnose without test equipment but you now have somewhere to start from when looking hope i have helped a little