Yes my Frigidaire front loader dryer is showing an error re5

An OE error presents if the washing machine has not successfully drained the water in ten minutes.
there are a few simple steps to take before calling for service.
Step 1: Check the drain pump filter.
Items caught in the drain filter will prevent proper drainage. Over time build up can occur from detergents and additives used in the machine. Manually drain unit through the drain hose, then lay a towel down to catch the water, and remove the filter. Clean the filter thoroughly and restart the machine.

Step 2: Check the washers drain hose.
If the drain hose is not installed properly, the washer will not drain properly. The drain hose should not be installed more than 1 meter higher than the bottom of the washing machine.

Step 3: Confirm that the washer is leveled properly.
If the unit is not leveled properly, it will not drain properly. The front of the unit cannot be higher than the back or vice versa. If not properly leveled, the water can flow back into the machine. If this is the cause of the problem, please level the machine using the supplied leveling wrench. When you place a level on the washing machine, the bubble should be in the center. Confrim that the washer is leveled from side to side and front to back.
you can perform a diagonal test when leveling the washing machine to ensure that the unit does not tilt from corner to corner.

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Hi there ,
how do I get the belt around the drum ? do I have to take the whole back panel off the dryer ?

check the main power and terminal block make sure there is power and no problems with the terminal block.
also a bad thermal fuse can cause a problem with the power check the thermal fuse and make sure they have continuity.the last thing to look at is the main control board these can cost up 150.00 dollars depending on where you get it.Bottm line yes i would say it is worth fixing

All this is doing is letting you know that the Auto dry sensors are kicked in and checking to see how dry the clothing is.

E47 and E48 are door lock error codes, also check the wire harness connections too.