Amana front load washer door hinge, problem with line up to close model NFW 200 TW 10 year 2008

Purchased new strike the door has dropped slightly not letting it close and lock

Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,
Try and make sure, by any marks on the body of the machine, that if it moves around a bit that it is in its original position.
A tip for ensuring they do not come loose again- put a dab of nail polish on them- any colour ;-0)
Good luck,
John C

Hello there and welcome to fixya
From what you're describing it sounds like the drain pump is blocked. The nd error code indicates "no drain". If the unit can't drain it won't spin. You're going to have to slide the washer out far enough to remove the rear panel; be careful not to damage the floor. Once you get the rear panel off you will see the pump. Be sure to have plenty of towels & a small container to catch water. I am sending you instructions from the service manual to remove and replace the pump. Another possibility is the drain line is blocked or something is stuck in the tub to pump hose.

To get the front off. (All screws look to be #2 Phillips Screws)
1. You have to unscrew (2) phillips screws from the back that holds the top on.
2. Slide the top off. (slide towards the back)
3. Then where the control panel is there is about 4-6 screws holding that plastic piece on, take those out this will allow you to pull the control panel up and out of the way.
4. At this point you can unscrew the 4-6 screws in the door area that holds the front of the washer on, once you unscrew those screws there is a tab that you have to lift the front over to pull the front off. This will allow you access to the locking mechanism.
5. There are only 2 screws holding te locking mechanism on.

You door lock is bad and needs to be changed. Without the proper model number I can't really give you accurate instructions