How to unlock door on Siemens iq 700 showing error code e57

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Best is ask store that you bought washer for help you or go online and contact manufacture for support

Go to the manufactures website and download the user manual it normally free to download

Hi from retired Englishman in SW France,

Sorry but this forum does not supply any type of manual direct; it's just made up of ordinary guys and gals, probably at home and from all over the world, with experience of addressing problems and giving guidance for free on the web ;-0)

You will need to type into your search engine/web browser '(make) washer manual' and you should be presented with a number of sources from which you can either download for free or have to pay a nominal amount. During the process you will be asked for the actual model number!

Good luck,
John C
shows it here

Get the unlock code here and also get the unlock instruction in the same site...with the help of this you can unlock easily...