Glws1349as1 tube pressure

Doesnt want to wash, full tub, no turning. Manually turn for cycle to continue without washing. Sylinoy on cover works fine. Got an empty pressure tuibe in the back. Should that tube be full of water.It was transported for 2hours before heating and trying after 5 hours of heat.. Did 1 good cycle, than nothing.

Thanks to Guest #2 our laundry is back in action and we're not waiting for a serviceperson. We took the front panel off, unscrewed the white plug and was sure our plastic drawer was open to catch the water, a load's worth. We found a small screw driver, 8 or so pony holders, some change, drill bits, bark, games pieces, can tops, etc... unbelievable. Thanks SO MUCH for the hint!

Machine unbalanced or belt is worn maybe

Download the user manual from the manufactures website usually free to download eric

The problem is obviously in the transmission if the basket spins as the machine agitates during the wash cycle. There's a mechanism inside the transmission, some sort of a brake, that prevents basket from spinning during the wash cycle. During the spin cycle, the drive motor turns in the opposite direction releasing the brake mechanism and at the same time disengaging the agitation mechanism.

The brake mechanism is half-released making the basket spins during agitation. It also makes the basket need a flick to start spinning during the spin cycle. Another possible problem is the motor capacitor and/or the motor itself. The motor becomes weak if the capacitor is faulty or the motor itself is weak making it needs a flick to start spinning.

Check the motor and the capacitor and if the problem of the basket spinning during agitation and the basket needing a flick to start spinning persists, replacing the transmission is the only viable solution.

Could be heater. Try machine on rince cycle.Not pressure switch. If mahine works on rince then chances are heater. But this should not affect spin