My indesit WIXE127 washing machine digital timer is running slow according to the time is displays for any particular programme. It is adding minutes on throughout the cycle and as a result the wash is taking approximately 20-30 minutes longer to complete, and it is gradually getting worse and taking longer !!

I would approach the manufactures website and ask them in an email fore advice as this sounds like circuit board fault such as a resistor on the board loosing its resistance causing an ever more problem for you sorry I cant help you further as these boards are expensive to buy the best way is to find a scrap yard and look for the same machine and hope you get a good board replacement for little monies eric

Error code F08 means that the heaterrrelay cannot be activated.
Check the connections to the Pressure switch, the Module,and the Heater element.
If you can, test the element of the heater to make sure it is o/k.
Hope this helps.

If all you are getting is a wash cycle and not a spinning cycle this could indicate a faulty door switch. the machine will not allow a spin cycle unless the door is locked.

The code F03 means the wash thermistor is open circuit.

Unfortunately, you will have to call an engineer.


I removed the drain pipe and ran the wash cycle into two buckets which completed correctly.

I therefore checked the drain connection to the sink and found a lot of fluff blocking up the hole.

The fixya guru suggested it could be pump and / or pressure switch but it was much simpler than that.

Us engineers often dive in at the deep end with technical fixes but sometimes the solution is simple.

F05 is where the pressure switch has not reset within 10 minutes of emptying on any part of the cycle. Basically this means the pump is not pumping the water out. This could be a blocked filter (located on front of machine at bottom behind the kickstrip). Be careful when removing the filter as it unscrews anticlockwise and if the is water in the drum then tilt the appliance back at 45 degrees and put a large bowl underneath to catch the water. If the filter does not unscrew then theres definitley something in the filter. When the filter is out put your finger inside to rotate the impellor. This should spin freely. If this does not solve your problem check for blockages where the grey drain hose connects to the sink (it could be blocked there).