Samsung washer won't run. Ran a load then got nd code and now only makes humming sound

Nd indicates a drain Pump problem. Maybe just a clogged filter, or if no obstructions found, replace pump. Also, too many suds can cause this problem.

Please go to the manufactures website to down load the user guide its usually free to download eric

Washer Error Codes ND IS -No Drain There could be two problems...The drain could be clogged, or the water pump could be bad. Or the belt that runs the pump is sliping or broken

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From what you're describing it sounds like the drain pump is blocked. The nd error code indicates "no drain". If the unit can't drain it won't spin. You're going to have to slide the washer out far enough to remove the rear panel; be careful not to damage the floor. Once you get the rear panel off you will see the pump. Be sure to have plenty of towels & a small container to catch water. I am sending you instructions from the service manual to remove and replace the pump. Another possibility is the drain line is blocked or something is stuck in the tub to pump hose.