Faulty ice maker

I have a LRSC-26925TT side by side that I bought from Home Depot 2 yrs ago and is out of warranty. My ice maker does not know when to quit making ice and fills the bin to extreme. Last night it started leaking water on to the hardwood floor out the front and had water that had run down the back of the freezer and frozen all over the food, back panel etc. The ice had frozed together around the auger not allowing it to rotate to dispense ice. I looked on LG's website and it said that there is improved ice maker parts available for this model and that I should call LG customer service for the part. I called and the part is $94.79. Does anyone know if this part will fix the problem I am having with my ice maker?

Is the arm supposed to be in this up position or down so that it can sense how much ice is in the bin?
Faulty ice maker

Hello. Yes, that is the correct position for the icemaker feeler arm. The updated icemaker has a longer feeler arm that hangs down a little more (thereby shutting off sooner when the ice piles up not so high).

Your water leak onto your food is from water spilling out of the front left corner of the ice tray during fill. This has also been updated with a plastic lip that keeps the water from sloshing out when filling up.

The photo shows that your ice tray appears to be unlevel and drooping in the front left corner. This happens with flex tray icemakers over time. The icetray does not fully flex back to its level posiiton. I do not feel you need to replace the entire icemaker. Repalcing just the ice tray should fix your issue.

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Great mine has been doing the same thing exactly on same model. You think lg would be kind enough to send owners a new tray and feeler arm to solve a faulty design? I have had a fire in dishwasher wiring breakage and a constant leaking door with countless new seals as door seams to be warpped since day . The convection stove I have to constantly tighten the fan in oven and burner didn't shut off. Finally had module replaced under recall but would not replace element that burned out because it decided to turn on overnight while sleeping and burned out. Cost me $170 to replace myself. The day I was having a huge get together for my daughter's 1st bday. Now the fridge I've replaced ice door actuator several times as well as the plastic push bar behinds the buttons but can no longer buy just that part. I have to purchase the whole door unit for this $2 part that I use to replace every year. Now this ice maker over making ice and constant water leaking all over foods onto floor damaging everything. The water got into the side wall slides and cracked them as I replace those a few times now if i forget to turn off ice maker when bucket is full. I purchased lg specifically let if be all appliances, cell and tv's. By far the appliances even washer dryer have cost me nothing but money to fix myself as its impossible to get someone willing to even consider professional to work on lg. Thankfully I'm handy and can do a lot on my own.