Euro-Cold mini refrig-model =ec606 friend lost manual has a button inside below freezer that controls freezer temp- and also some how helps start it--button has a center that can be pushed in--requires-some sequence while holding button in -(-can't remember) in order to start up--no on off switch on unit

check to see if there is frost in the back of the freezer if so you have a defrost prob..

well i hate to be the one to give you the bad news but most likely a bad thing... your compressor is 1. either weak, or 2 you are running low on freon....

we unplugged the refrigerator for a bit over 1 minute and replugged and problem went away.

The main board needs to be replaced.

hi they only thing that could cause this problem is dirty coils at the back.clean all the coils at the back. thanks the appliance doc.