How do I record using a Toshiba DR430KU ?

I am able to watch pre-recorded DVD's, however I can not record television shows. I get the recording light and the unit appears to be recording, but when I try to play back is all I get is a blank screen. So what is the secret to recording using this unit? Do I need a special decoder ring or something?

In this recorder the region is hard coded in the firmware and cannot be changed thru customer commands. Unfortunately there is no region free firmware so if you would be able to obtain one all you would manage is to change the present region to another one.

Did you "finalize" the DVD before trying to play it in another player? This is what I have to do.


Secure the audio/video connection cables that attach the source device you are trying to record from. Try this step if you do not see a picture when trying to record from a source device onto the Device. After unplugging the cable and checking for any damage, plug the cables back and attempt to record the content to see if this resolved the problem.

Secure the power cable that attaches the device to an electrical source if the unit will not power on or if it intermittently loses power. If you think a malfunctioning surge protector may be at fault, you can 'bypass' the surge protector by plugging the device into an electrical outlet. Replace any surge protectors that appear to be malfunctioning and have an electrician examine any outlets that appear to be "dead."

Insert the disc that you would like to record

Press the "Edit Menu" button on the remote control while playing the disc or while playback is stopped.

Use the up and down arrows to select "DVD-Video Finalizing" in the on-screen menu, then press "Enter."

Under "Menu Create" select "None," then under "After play final title" select "Stop." Select "Next" to move to the next screen.

Select "Writing" in the lower right of the screen.

Select "Yes" or "No" to tell the machine if you want it to power down when finalizing is complete. Finalizing will then begin and a progress bar will appear.

Contact your electronics dealer or the Toshiba service department if the disc still does not finalize.

ok let's start from simple connection.we'll use color coding,let's say rca plug. yellow plug is video.from DVD video out is yellow and to the tv is video in. white and red is for audio.if your tv is 5.1 compatible then follow the label on your DVD and insert it to its corresponding label on your tv.then still if your using a separate audio amplifier only the yellow/video plug is used.

Does your dishnet box have two tuners or one, if only one then only the program being watch on the tv can be recordered , this will have to be connected to the av input on the recorder and one of the av (line input) selected with the remote control for the recorder, If the dishnet box as two tuners then the output from one tuner can be used to feed the tv and the other one will go to the recorder connected through the av input. hope this will help regards windyhouse