When i press power switch it turns green. but i get no picture.

When i press the power switch the light turns green but no picture. then i hear a series of clicks. i took the back off and when i power up the unit i hear the click and i see (2) GREEN LED LIGHTS COME ON. 3 seconds later the RED LED LIGHT COMES ON then i hear 2 clicks and the (2) GREEN LED's go off

You have leaky ceramic capacitors in the high voltage section of your tv

Got it two. Is it a 42" ?

Same problem red alarm led comes on you need the power supply unit it's $139.00 you can fix it your self. And gateway dont have to parts i have a phone #

Ok this problem was alot more simple than i thought, it's the relays that you hear clicking. I took out my board and took it to my friends shop where he fixes plasmas and lcds etc.... We tested all the capacitors on the board... tested good Then tested the two transistors i saw someone speak about chaning in another post.. tested good Now the last thing i tested were the two relays on the board you have to take them out the board to test them here's how. Get a 9 volt battery and a multimeter that beeps when it detects continuity. Using the 9 volt battery put power on the coil end of the relay this is the end with the pins directly opposite each other, now you should hear it click leave the power on it then using the multi meter test the pins on the other side of the relay if it beeps it's good, if not bad. I purchased both relays from www.mouserelectronics.com the part # is JW1AFSN-DC5V they only cost $2.58 each it's best to change both even if one tests ok.

What is the make and model?