My lg lrbn22514st if i dont open the door within a 24 hour period it turns off and everything gets warm and things start to thaw in freezer. had tech out here and he added freon, changed condensor fan and switch. the freezer was running around 20 degrees before he put freon in it any help would be appreciated

I don't usually buy the service plan but I did for this unit (hey it's gen 1). The service guy said he has seen this problem quite a bit and that LG created a new RCM board to fix it (part# BBR34917104). Apparently the OEM board didn't detect the ice build up on the fan motor very well. I had the new board installed two days ago and defrosted the freezer. So far so good, I'll post again if I have any further issues.

You will have to buy a new board to solve it.

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anan, I think your display is giving you a code on these LG. See if you can find the tech sheet behind the toe panel. On your display panel from memory, 3 led's lit from the left means a failed defrost thermistor. This could be the reason you are frosting up and restricting the air flow. There is a main board in back that you can ohm out the thermistors. Connector 4, the two bright orange wires #5 and 6, should ohm at 19K ohms at 50 degrees. Now Im doing this from memory, if you can find your tech sheet, it will give you precise information. Catriver.

If the repairman is experienced the problem will be resolved. I have recharged refrigerators myself and it is difficult, time consuming ad tedious. Sorry the work needs to be done in your home. If he does not know what he is doing he will cause problems and make excuses for why the refrigerator does not work correctly. Hope you have the best service available for your area. Sea Breeze

There is a service bulletin related to this, dealing with deformation / melting of the lamp cover. The fix is to change the lamp wire harness to one that now has a thermal protector incorporated in it (part number 6621JK2003B) along with changing the main PCB board to one that uses a larger relay for this function (part number 6871JB1423N).

In case you want or need to replace the following,
The lamp cover is part number 3110JA1096A and the lamp holder is part number 3034JA1009A

I tried to cut and paste a few photo's, but was unsuccessful. Sorry. Make sure to test that fans and light switches work after part changes.