Our wifi is working, our samsung blu ray is playing movies, but it won't load netflix. Netflix was working yesterday, but not today. Is there a way to reset it?

We watched Netflix yesterday, but last night we couldn't get on. It just keeps saying loading... and then it changes to a gray screen and says loading... and then it goes back to the red Netflix screen that says loading...and we have to turn off the blu ray or it would just keep doing the same thing.

Hi there, do not worry, it is saveable. All you need to do is download the firmware, burn it to a cd, and update the firmmware that way. So just to help you out because I do not know your knowledge with computers. You will need the following tools:

Here is your link to the firmware: Click Me
Here is a link to free burning software: Click Me
Here is a link to a guide from Samsung: Click Me

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Try to reset system at Samsung support. To do this you just take disc out, hold the FF button down on unit until you see "reset" then select language. Turn system off then hold power button for 15 sec. Then restart system. As far as Netflix you got to got to system, determine if you are using wireless or cable. You have to set this yourself.

You should also update your firmware here at http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/tv-video/blu-ray/blu-ray-players/BD-P1590/XAA/index.idx?pagetype=prd_detail&returnurl=
You will see a support tab, which has your download on it. I would try the CD based download first.Download the file, unzip it, and burn it onto a CD. Then, with the unit off, and unplugged, plug it in, open the drawer and insert the disk. Close the drawer and see if it will read the new files. If not, then try the same procedure on the USB option.

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I took mine back today. I give

Hi icmjrtdr,

Having black bars displayed when watching a Blu-Ray disc is a common occurrence, even with a widescreen television.

You may have heard or seen aspect ratios of 4:3 or 16:9. 4:3 is the ratio of a traditional television that is nearly square. 16:9 is the ratio of most widescreen televisions currently marketed. The reason that even with a 16:9 television Blu-Ray discs are displaying black bars is that many of these discs contain footage that has not been reformatted for television. The screen in a movie theater is even wider than 16:9, and rather than trim the ends, most Blu-Ray discs maintain the entire picture.

Depending on the options available in your particular television, you may be able to find a zoom setting that trims the ends and removes the black bars. It is up to you if you would rather see black bars with the entire picture or lose a small amount of the picture on each side for a full-screen experience.

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it seems that samsung is posting it's firm updates online @ samsung.com i had same problem with my BD-UP5000 its connected to the internet when i go to the menue to update on the bluray player it said i had the latest update went online and found a new firmware on there web site, check samsung web site