RCA Galileo Pro. As soon as I dial on facetime the profile picture turns horizontal. I've tried everything

You perform a hard reset which restores the device to factory settings and erases the data accumulated since it came out of the box.

How to Reset an RCA Tablet


If it is locked with a pin code, you might want to contact the person you got it from and have them do this.

Hello Gloria,
The only way to regain control of the tablet, since you have forgotten the password is to reset it and start again.
The following was copied from the manual about your tablet; How to Reset; Press to reset the tablet (then press and hold the Power button for 4~5 seconds to turn on the unit).
You may read and download the entire manual here; https://rcaav.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/RCT6513W87DK-ebook_En-25-07-2016.pdf

I hope this helps!
Good Luck!
Rich Lilja