Blurry image on Samsung Dv3 HD

The pictures are quite blurry when I'm playing video game. I tried to change the resolution, colours modes etc but it's really fine. I know I should get a better quality of picture but I don't know if it's a problem of settings or if it's coming from a mechanical issue.

Can't solve this problem, because I have the same one! I can say that adjusting some of the fine picture contrrols, like brightness, contrast, color etc help a little. This TV is supposed to go 720 and as high as 1080 I thought?..........

There are as you know factory presets to choose from in the user menu.. Your eyes will tell you what you like. The only other way to get a killer picture is to have the TV Calibrated by a good ISF Calibrator.

If all the input connections are proper and all wires and cables are fully fuctional.....then the tv's color chrominance and convergence circuits are offset, have the sustain boards serviced. If its under warranty take it back.

Since you're using "analog cable", I would adjust the television such that the picture is not streched. This means there will be black bars to the left/right of the 4:3 picture, but you should experience some improvement in picture quality because the TV is not trying to interpolate what to do with an already crappy analog cable signal.

You may also want to add a signal booster where the cable first enters your residence... often, folks split that analog signal up so much it is weak... and looks much like you describe.