Duet error code F 02.

The error code states we may have a clogged drain line. I have cleared obviously clogged drain line from washer to drain pipe, cleared clogged black rubber boot attached to bottome of barrel, made sure large filter was clear and same error code comes up.

Do I have to clear the error code somehow?

Thanks in advance..........Ed, Davenport, Iowa

Error code in book is wrong,,try changing the pressure switch

I did what jerzeegirl said and my machine is working great, thank you so much. Best part is saving the money to have someone come out!!!

h in Ct.

Just had this problem. Remove the kick plate in front of machine. The drain pump filter maybe clogged. Turn the white screw to remove filter, but be sure to have towels or a bucket handy. I clean mine out and now is working fine.

Thanks for the info. Unclogged mine by following Jeezegirl's solution of taking off front panel and unscrewing white plug. I needed a big pot to catch the water. I should have pulled the white plug (screw top and all) out from the washer first, then I would not have had to mop up water afterwards.

Thanks for the info! One quick trip to Ace for the ratchette set, and I was good to go!!! Worked like a charm....

Try unplugging it wait a few mins and the power up. Its the only way to reset them. I am assuming that the machine does pump the water out fine. If the drain is still clogged, or the pump impeller jammed, or if the pump is bad it will still not sense that it is draining normally.

Go with JERZEEGIRL's suggestion 1st. unscrew the white filter top and more than likely the issues with be there. We had a washcloth stuck in ours. just saved ourselves 100 bucks!

thanks everyone.

Same problem--washer would not drain--F02 code. Tried drain and rinse per trouble shooting guide with no luck. Door would not open. Unplugged power cord and then was able to open door. Removed front cover per earlier response (3 torx-head screws at bottom of front kick plate). The filter is in the bottom center--remove the front screws and the filter can be moved forward to be drained (a 13"x9" baking pan worked great). You can pull the motor and filter forward and unscrew the filter to let the water drain without flooding the floor. Our filter was clean, but the clog was a rubber mass within the flexible element between the filter and the bottom tank of the washer. The rubber had to be crumbled by squeezing the flexible element and using a soft snake in the line. As a note, there is a ball float at the bottom of the tank that should not be confused as a blockage and crushed. The tank was flushed with small buckets of water to remove the rubber particles. This problem was caused by washing an old rubber-backed rug in hot water--don't do this--cold water wash only!!! The rubber came off and formed solid balls of rubber which plugged the drain.

The solution of taking off the front pannel and draining and cleaning the discharge area to the pump...WORKS!!!
We had a half dozen q-tips, a twist tie and a ton of hair! Be ready for a ton of water draining as you open the discharge cap.
Good luck!