How do I get my controls on the tv to work?

We have 18 samsung syncmaster 400mx/3 40 inch lcd tv's that we use in our entertainment center. The remotes don't work, and the controls on the tv's don't work. I can not ajust the color settings, turn up the volume, or change the channel. The only control I have is on and off.

I just fixed this very same problem. It is the capacitors are the problem. However, I think that if you have some minimal skills with soldering, you can fix this yourself. You just need to take out the system board, then the power supply parts are on the top right. The bad capacitor(s) will be bulging at the top and possibly have some brown stuff coming out. The ones that go bad are 1000microfarad, 10V, however you can replace them with higher voltage. I got 35V caps from radio shack for 1.59 each. You just need to solder out the bad ones and then put the new ones in and solder. Remember that the negative end goes on the side with the bold black part of the circle on the system board. Then just cut off the extra ends of the capacitors. If you are capable of doing this yourself, you will spend at most 6 dollars instead of however much a technician costs.

since you say you have had it just a short time
call samsung and request service for your set this is a problem and will get worse
if its just a couple months old parts are still in warranty and not sure of labor there is a warranty statment in the owners manuel

This is a tough one, I can come up with possibly 2 solutions, 1 being that if the batteries are low you will sometimes lose partial control of some of the functions on the remote, and if that is not it, then I have another that this one happened to me once, The infrared on the TV was not picking up the volume button I was sitting at an angle, so everytime i sit in that chair everything works but the voulume control i have to point it right at it on direct line and not from the side...Hope this helps...Steve

Press tv on the Sky remote

press and hold select and red until the led blinks twice
type in 0 0 6 0
press the power button, if the tv turns off then the press select and the remote should work all the tv functions.

If the tv does not turn off then press tv then the power button and keep doing this until the tv turns off, once it turns off press select and it should work.

If you have any problems let me know



Problems with laptops Please note before reading this that I posted this question yesterday but aaprt from the first response from expert but for follow up comment it just keeps saying that the page can't be displayed and I cant find it! Stressed! Tragedy with my son's Dell Lap top! It is about 3 years old. One of the fittings that attaches the monitor/lid to the base has snapped off. There is a piece of thin white wire showing but appears to still be attached to something at each end! This happened about a month ago but the computer still worked. Then the laptop keyboard stopped working so we bought a standalone key board and mouse and again things worked ok. Now though, the screen keeps flashing and every time we try to key something in it deletes it straightaway. The broken lid is the same side as the delete key.It is not the new keyboard that is the problem. Is it saveable?! Please talk to me as though I am 5 because I am not very technical! Thank you in anticipation, Kind regards, Suzy PS, some extra information to what I posted yesterday: My son has started running a full diagnostic twice and both times it stopped/froze at the key board section. he has also tried to disable/uninstall keyboard. Followed advice yesterday and the delete and backspace keys are off an dif anything is stuck we can't unstick it We are not experts by any means hence contacting you guys! Is any of this likely to help or make it worse? Will taking the battery out for a few seconds and putting back in help? Is it worth resetting to factory seconds. The product is a Dell Inspiron laptop but can't find that on the list so used notebook one. Thanks Suzy