LG Washer/Dryer won't drain

My LG WM3431H washer/dryer combo will not drain. I get the error "OE" on my machine which is the drain hose or drain filter is clogged. The filter is fine, but I cannot figure out how to disconnect the drain hose. And once I disconnect, how should I clean it?

The LG error code OE simply means "the pump is blocked". Presumably the water isn't being emptied properly. As with all error codes it is possible that there is a cause other than the exact description in the error code explanation but basically this error means as far as the washing machine is concerned it thinks the water isn't pumping out. A pump, or filter blockage is the most common cause but it could be caused by other faults such as a faulty pump, or even a blockage in the drain hose or somewhere else in the system etc.

LG themselves have some information on this error code..


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