My frigidaire double door fridge beeps 5 times each time it appears the compressor turns off briefly

When this happens, if the door was open, you will notice the temperature light goes off and comes back on after the series of question then is, what could be the cause and how can I resolve it?

You need to take the door off the hinges and remove the lower hinge plate from the bottom of the door. This is where I found my popping problem. The black bushing with the 3 bumps and dips on it is loose in the plate going into the door. I took black eletrical tape and rapped it around the part that goes into the plate to tighten the bushing up so it wouldn't turn anymore. ( This was a temp fix to see if the popping would go away) 3 Weeks later and still working. If the sound comes back I will put some double sided sticky back foam on it. Both doors were doing this on my fridge, and now its as quite as a mouse. I hope this fix works for you.

Disconnect the Fridge for 5 mins. After that, should be ok.


Sounds like you have a bad door switch. Depending on the age of the fridge, it might still be under warranty. If it's not, then you might be able to access the door switch yourself and pull it out & replace it.

Good luck......

under 1st yr warr, sure if thats he issue they would cover, it, a clogged drain pump may cause the same problem though , not being able to drain water , the pump would just hum.

The evaporator drain can become blocked. Water backs up and eventually falls out into the freezer and freezes. If this happens you should see ice build up inside the freezer.

The evaporator heater can blow. This allows condensation to freeze and not drain away. I have tried replacing it but I cannot confirm that I have solved the problem.

Another problem is liquid water draining onto the fan in the freezer compartment near the evaporator. If this happens when the fan is idle (presumably when the fridge and freezer are both down to the right temperature, water falling on the fan blades will freeze. The motor is low power and it may not have enough torque (turning power) to overcome the imbalance. This stops the cold air from circulating to the freezer and fridge. The control circuit may detect the fan is not turning or the temperature may rise setting off the alarm.

I have an Electrolux ER3162BN fridge freezer.

Sounds like a door timer, beeping to tell you the door is open, these can be a bit temperamental, they on a timer. but i don't know if it can be adjusted.