My LG WM3431H washer/dryer unit won't drain water out. Is there anyhing I put in the washer to break loose a clog in the drain line?

After draining and cleaning filter, reset washer--Unplug unit and hold Start (selector) button for 10 seconds. Plug unit in and restart.

Bottom right coner under door theres a panel take that off u will see the pump pugg

Hi jerryleigers,

The Drain pump is working intermittently. It is either overheating or a loose wire is present or it could even just be a faulty drain pump. I'd suggest removing it (Found attached to the lower sump hose), testing it by aplying direct power to the 2 pins (either way is fine, it works on an alternating current), run it for 5 to 10 min (turning it on and off every 30 seconds), if it is fine then it is a worst case scenario (PCB). If it is not running well, or it is not even starting - replace it, problem solved.

Hope it helps :-)

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Thanks to CoolTech for pointing me in the right direction, I just finished a full clean out and diagnostics test and my dryer works once again.

This repair isn't rocket science nor is it a good idea for the mechanically timid. I managed to get the critical parts out for cleaning and back in properly with just a phillips head screwdriver and a pair of pliers for the spring type hose clamps so it's not a matter of custom tools.

You have dig pretty deep and remove an awful lot of cabinet parts, fans, heater assemblies and something like 30 or 40 various screws to get to the condensor duct and bellows to clean them. Sure enough my condensor duct was jam packed with lint. Once removed I was able to clean it with a creatively bent coat hanger, but a semi flexible bottle brush/pipe cleaner about 18 inches long and an inch or so brush diameter would be a better tool.

If you want to tackle this job, and again it sounds daunting but isn't to someone with reasonable mechanical skills you should do yourself a favor and buy a copy of the factory service manual. I got mine on line from these guys: but there are probably other sources including LG if you search by the model number.

In addition to some less than obvious disassembly instructions the manual tells you how to trigger the self test mode and how to interpret the results, gives you good information on cold state resistance tests you can do on relays, heater elements, sensors, etc. and provides a good troubleshooting guide for a variety of problems.

All in all the job took me about an hour and a half and was pretty straightforward except for the last mounting screw for the condensor duct which is hard to get to and requires some effort to remove and replace but again I did the whole job with a standard medium sized screwdriver so it's not impossible.

Good luck and if you're having this problem and like me you don't have any local repair folks who'll touch it (not many of these all in ones in Wyoming) then I'd get your hands on the manual and dig into it. It's not fun, but not too hard either.


You could disconnect the drain hose ,from the sink / drop down to floor level and catch water in a bucket this will allow door to open and remove knife...good luck

You are likely using too much detergent or the detergent is not high-efficiency detergent. Change detergents and/or lower amount and this problem should go away.

The water port on the back allows air inside the tub to escape. However, if the wrong type or quantity of detergent are used, excess suds will flow from this port.