I have a wf209anw, I was washing and when it finished I open it up and it was smoking and when it spins its loud, could you please tell me what could be wrong.

Either the belt or you transmission could be slipping and it making the belt work harder on a full load. Try running the spin cycle without water to see if you hear it. If you do then it is the belt, but if you only hear with water then it is your transmission.

bad lid switch.coupling broke and rubber burning or trans locked up

the back and fourth motion is normal. we have a ge and it does the same thing. for the slow spin and burt rubber smell the drive belt is more than likely streched, the fast fix is to replace the belt. HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU!

open the back door try to remove the belt and then try to rotate the drum by hand if it stuck again you need to check if there is something between the drum and the chamber

Please check the drum for easy movement it sounds like the drum bearings may have collapst and need replacing a big job not for the faint hearted this would explain the smoking as the motor is having to work to hard at this stage it could burn out completely eric

sounds like you are dealing with the same problem as me .
take off the front panel (after unplugging power) take a flash lite and look at the large pulley at the back just below the pulley is the helix check to see if they are worn .