Ue error code on the display

Ue error code


You know what works great for a LG washing machine that gives an UE error the whole day.

You pick it up as high as you can and then let it drop on the cement. Works great now. No more error UE.
I must say I feel much better now. No more strees because of this UE error.

Tomorrow I will look for another make that work all the time.

Hello guys,

In this moment i have the same error with a samsung washing machine and i don't know what to do..it seems that i should leverage the machine but it is locked and i can not open it until the spinning is not finished..do you have any idea???

hope sbd sees this...


UE " Cause Unbalanced Error . =The load in the drum is unbalanced.

When I am washing items on my LG washer that I know could potentially cause a "UE" condition I set the "Spin Speed" to "Low"

UE is Imbalance error..Redistribute the load or you may have tried to wash something which will not 'spread' enough to balance the load...Nomess

I just read on the LG home page about the UE code (I did put a small fleece jumper and a pair of winter gloves in the machine and got this code).
On the page it sais that the code means that there is an unbalance in the machine. Just try to put more small items in it an start again.
In the manual they give the example that if you just put a bathroom rug or a robe in the machine it may give unbalance and the UE-code.
Good Luck!

For "ue" an unbalanced load is sensed three times, re-adjust your load in the machine.

For e1, it could be a water sensor problem. Check to see if the inlet valve is okay and not clogged, water shd be in good pressure. If this is okay, open up behind after taking the plug off the wall. There is a thin tube coming from the switch area to the outlet pump area; disconnect this from the top carefully and blow into it, it should be free; if it is clogged you will hav a water level problem. Unblock and refit carefully.

It could also be that the washer is not level. Make sure it is reasonably level and does not wobble, and try it again.