LG Tromm Washer

My washer smells like mold and mildew. I have to wash everything twice or more and the towels are the worst. I never let anything sit there for anytime so that is not a problem. We noticed that water seems to be sitting under a rubber ring (around the door on the inside of the washer). the machine is less then two years old and wehave been having this problem for close to a year now.

I own rental property - five buildings. In total I have provided 8 of the LG washer/dryer combinations for the residents to use. Only objection has been wrinkles in Levi's when the loads wewe too big. Not a single complaint on smell. I have one as well. Perhaps I got a new design or something.

The solution is for an attorney to read these comments and file a class action lawsuit against LG to help everyone get their money back. Anybody out there?

My Aunt had a Tromm washer for over 4 years and never had this problem. The solution is to leave the door open when done, so the washer will dry out. By keeping a sealed door shut, you are just inviting mold and mildew.

Tromm should give everyone who bought this washer their money back it is i piece of garbage we do not have time for this machine it is taking up all my time what every happened to doing the laundry and be done with it. no not tromm washers i am a slave to it.i can't even go out in public because my clothes smell so bad . i know no one will believe this but i was sprayed me with lysol.this machine made me suicidel my life is over because of this machine the company will not back it up.i payed 3000 thousand dollars for washer and dryer 1000 of that was the warrenty witch does not count for it. i lived a good life who would ever think a washing machine would end my life .DO NOT BUY TROMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Clean the water/mildew out from around the rubber ring and then ALWAYS leave the door open it's like closing up a refrigerator that's not on I had the same problem and this fix it


I also have the problem of mildew building up inside the rubber ring that I can't seem to get rid of (which I am rather frustrated about) BUT to solve the "smelly" problem, I have found that after you have run the clothes through the regular cycle, SPRINKLE IN A 1/2 CUP OF BAKING SODA AND RUN THE "RINSE & SPIN" CYELE. That worked wonders for us for getting rid of the smell! I'd still like to know how to get rid of the mildew though.

What can I say. When people get their new appliances they rarely read their manuals, but they will read the back of the detergent bottle. ...large capful for large load and so on. I have spoken to so many folks who swear they only use 'HE' but they happen to also have Downy or Ivory in there laundry room as well. "that is from my old washer" they say. Don't mix brands. Mixing will add to the problem. Fabric softener is another thing too, most people will put the same amount in as they would do in a top loader, wrong. You can use fabric softener but only use a tablespoon or 2. The other thing is people tend not to use hot washes, and don't spend the couple of extra dollars to get the units that have the heaters. Well worth the money, your hot loads, they are really HOT.
Smelly laundry, take towels for instance, they need to be done in HOT water. They absorb all your body oils and if not washed properly it just builds up over time and voila you have stinky towels.
Back to the basics with laundry 101, do your whites, towels and bedding in hot washes. You can cool it down with the other stuff. Cut back on the amount of detergents and fabric softeners. Run a hot cycle with bleach or affesh www.affresh.com every 3-6 months to clean out your unit.
One of the best detergents on the market, in my opinion, is Persil. Comes from Germany, little on the pricey side, but well worth it. Use only 25mls or 1/8 cup per load and it will last 3-4 months. Your unit won't smell and you will be a happy camper again.

Sgt 48

Put your washer on a 95 degrese hot wash with out clothes to get rid of build up of wash powder and ****. If that doesnt work do the same again with nothing in but with some bio wash powder in

My lg tromm constantly drips water from the steam nozzle?

When I first bought my LG Tromm Steam washer I was SHOCKED at the horrible smell inside the washer tub. I, too, thought that adding vinegar would help, but I realized that when you add vinegar to these new washers that it causes them to super suds up. Very bad! VERY BAD! It will ruin your washer to have alot of suds. They require low sudsing agents HE.
I put Borax in each load along with my HE detergent, and now that I leave the door open the smell has gone away.

What is the mater with us that we are accepting this outrageous product flaw?

Let's put the blame exactly where it belongs and keep it there until manufacturers clean up their act!

What in the world are we thinking when we allow ourselves to be forced to jump through these ridiculous hoops just do do laundry!?

I am furious and it is over something as stupid as a washing machine! A WASHING MACHINE!!!!

New government regulations for new water efficiency washing machines has my family’s clothing smelling like a stinking, rancid, moldy basement! This is absolutely absurd! I have been told to change laundry detergent, run hot bleach water through my washer and, get this; my washing machine is 1 year old and my clothes smell filthy!!! The mold and mildew from these nasty machines have wreaked havoc through skin rashes and allergies in my children!

I paid $1,000.000 for this da*ned washing machine and THIS is what is being sold to the public under the disguise of efficiency!!?? I have been on the phone about this problem. I have, over the past 3 months, with a technician on the phone, been instructed to do the following:

*Make sure I use high efficiency detergent THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the lint trap (..that is stupidly behind a metal access plate that you have to use a screwdriver to remove screws to get to it EVERY TIME) and THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the water hoses; THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the gasket around the door. THAT will fix my problem
*Cleaned the tub with bleach water. THAT will fix my problem.
*REMOVED the hoses and cleaned the pump. THAT will fix my problem.
*Take the pump out entirely and clean all inlet, outlets and hoses. THAT will fix my problem.

NONE of this fixed my problem of filthy, wet, stinking, rancid clothing that has endangered my family's health! I even washed my children's clothing out by hand in the bathtub and put them in the washer just to rinse and spin and they STILL smelled horrific.

Finally, at the end of my rope, I returned to the appliance store from which I purchased this machine and they have told me that they cannot accept a return. They will not accept a return and I have to deal directly with GE. I HAVE dealt with GE up until the final straw when I they told me I needed a new pump, but so sorry, your warranty JUST expired 3 days ago!!!

Furthermore, my pump was fine. I did NOT need a new pump and have now been told that I cannot return the new, unused pump that cost me another $183.00. I have now been told that this is a problem with ALL front loading washing machines and I should do the following:

*First, run a full complete wash cycle on hottest setting containing Bleach – * Note: wash cycle takes 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using high efficiency laundry detergent for another 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using Cascade automatic dish washing detergent for an ADDITIONAL 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, using Bleach water, wipe down entire interior of washing machine
*Next, using clean white cloth, wipe entire interior of washing machine dry
*Next, leave door ajar to air out machine

*Finally, I have now been informed that I cannot use fabric softener in the machine even though there is a fabric softener dispenser right in the machine because the new front loading machines cannot handle fabric softener!!

Furthermore, I was told that this is new technology and since it is so new, no one really knew these kinds of problems were going to manifest themselves and I just need to try to work with these problems because it is not the manufacturers fault but the GOVERNMENT’S fault! Sorry.

Are you kidding me??

Now I have a $1000.00 piece of junk that the appliance companies are pawning off on unsuspecting consumers and hiding their horrible designs by blaming the government.

So, now this is what I want!

I want the legislature to force manufacturers to properly inform the public of these problems and those who did NOT inform consumers of these issues, COMPENSATE their customers for the $$$$$ it has cost us and the misery and frustration caused by THEIR neglect by NOT informing the consumers of these issues. I want this to be retroactive BACK to at least the year 2005. Furthermore, I want compensated for the cost of buying a top loading washing machine in an effort to keep our families away from the mold and mildew and filthy mess this has caused! Finally, I want manufacturers to own up to the fact that they disregarded the health and safety of consumers in their efforts to profit as much as possible while touting efficiency.

Now I have heard that they have a new 'product' they can sell to us to inhibit the stench of mold and mildew. This is absolutely unacceptable!

This is outrageous and we need to speak out about this and make sure our voices are heard!

We bought an LG front loading washer in the beginning of 2008. Shortly after getting it, we noticed the towels smelled like mildew. After we would wash and dry them they smelled fine at first. We would hang them on the towel rack and when someone would use them to dry off after showering (the minute they get damp) the mildew smell would be there. The smell was horrible. I then developed a rash but didn't connect the two together. I went to my primary doctor and two different dermatologists who couldn't figure out what was causing the rash. I decided to become my own "detective" to try and figure out what the problem was. While searching the internet, I came across message boards regarding the smelly washer problem. I then realized that my rash started after we purchased the washer. I order a product called "smelly washer" although I was hesitant. I am so glad I ordered it. This stuff did take the "smell" out of our towels. I also switched to dye free detergent and I use white vinegar in my rinse cycles. After 3 months dealing with this miserable rash, the steps I took above solved my problem. The rash disappeared and my towels no longer smell like mildew.

My solution is for LG to give all of us customers who have been using their defective product, LG WM2688HWM Tromm Steam Washer, back our money so we can purchase something more reliable. The amount of money we all have spent on this product, not to mention the frustration of getting out of the shower and reaching for a towel only to find you are putting a musty, stinky towel in your clean face. I had a whirlpool top loader for years and years and never had smelly clothes. My sisters have front loaders, different make and models and their clothes smell fresh like they are supposed to. Live up to the problem LG, replace these defective machines and save your reputation, because right now your reputation "stinks".

I'm having the same problems with my Maytag neptune washing machine-horrible smell and very itchy burning skin rashes for nearly six months. I went to the appliance store in Oct. 2007 and they gave me a "new" product that was supposed to eliminate the odor.  I've been going to a dermatologist for several months and been prescribed medicines and ointments with minimal results. In December, 2007 I underwent allergy tests. I visited my Mom over Christmas and brought bags of clean laundry to wash at her house thinking maybe the washing machine had something to do with my skin rashes.  The rash seems better already and I will never use the washing machine again. Maytag tells me that they will send someone out to replace the gasket in the door. After I told the first person I spoke with that I would not pay  for a repair, that I wanted the machine out of my house, they switched me over to the Whirlpool Safety Dept. where I was told that they've had a lot of "biofilm" issues with HE machines.  "What is biofilm?" I asked. They define it as skin oils and soap scum that accumulates on clothes.  
I call it a health hazard, and I want it out of my house.  They are sending over a repair man after the holiday.  When he comes, I will take the gasket or door and have some samples of whatever is causing the stench.  I will notify my doctor to see if there the lab that did the allergy testing would be interested in testing this possible allergen.  Then I will call the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Hazardous Materials Safety Administration if I have to.

I used to have an LG 2277H front loader. We were pleased with the washer for about the first 1.3 years or so. Then we started seeing these random small grey dots on our clothes. They were about the diameter of a pencil eraser. We had no idea what the cause was. Over the months the dots grew larger, about the size of nickles and we also started getting streaks. These were permanent stains. Over the course of about 5 months we had 5 house calls with GE warranty service. We were told that the stains were from the fabric softener. The softener was sticking to the drum collecting dirt and would break apart during the wash and stain our clothes. LG and the repairmen came up with the fix...........don't use fabric softener. I am sorry but that is like me going to the doctor and telling the doctor that my arm hurts and he responds with....well don't use your arm. I probably spent about 50 hours on the phone between GE Warranty, Home Depot and LG. No one wanted to deal with the issue/problem. I also filled a complaint with the BBB. After about 2 months worth of annoying GE and LG, LG decided to step up to the plate and offered a new machine prorated of course or a refurbed unit free of charge. I told them to pound sand! The only way this was going to get resolved was by giving me a NEW unit free of charge. They finally agreed and I just received the new machine today.

FWIW....we have always washed the whites in bleach as our last load. If you run the last load with bleach (whites), leave the door open between weekly loads, and drain the water (from the drain on the lower left of the unit) monthly you should not have the problems with stench/mold, etc.

Good luck.


I've read all of these comments and have had the same exact problem with my washer... i HATED it! I finally figured out how to fix it, the appliance lady at Best Buy informed me the smell is due to using too much detergent. To cure the problem... run your washer with nothing in it (do not add detergent) back to back until you no longer see suds in the washer. It took me about 20 washes... from then on, only use about a tablespoon of detergent for a full load of laundry. I've tried it all and nothing worked.... until this... it really works.

LG sucks. None of the solutions work for more than a short period of time. Customer service is awful. I will never buy an LG product again. LG Sucks!!!

Running bleach, or vinegar or other cleaners hasn't worked on my LG. When I peel back the rubber gasket there is dark mold along the rim, which runs up the sides, and standing water that I have to absorb with a paper towel.

We leave the door open frequently and put in a paper towel to absorb water after the washings. Every few washings I get down on my knees, peel back the gasket, and wipe it clean with a paper towel. This keeps my clothes smelling clean.

The best way to keep the mildew smell out is to use oxyclean. It is the cheapest way to have you clothes smell clean and not moldy.

I have had my LG TROMM for about a year and have experience the same smell GROSS I feel loke Im sending my family out dirty. I spent a total of 3000.00 for both units and the washer is driving me crazy. I did find out that if I drain the unit after a day of wash it isnt bad. There is a little door at the bottom of the unit unscrew the cork on the black tube (be sure you have a cantainer to catch water) I have to do this about every other day. the water is grey and smells bad. After doing this i wipe the inside of my washer them im good for a few washes, but if i leave the washer un used for a day or more forget it the smell is back. For that amount of money I shouldnt have to do that much to clean clothing. That was the selling point clean clothes easy to maintain, less energy used ( except for my energy)

The problem is in the gray rubber door seal. Peal it back and you will find standing water and mold!
First clean the seal from bottom to the top with bleach. The rag you use will be black with mold...gross.
Second peel back the rubber on the bottom and you will notice 3 drain holes, clean them out they are probably filled with gunk (mold).

The problem is that the rubber seal does not have adequate drainage. Water collects on the bottom and mold grows. During the wash cycle there is not enough agitation in the drum to clean out the seal.

The drain holes in the rubber seal are placed too far above the bottom of the seal therefore water collects in the bottom of the seal and mold grows.

Periodic cleaning of the rubber seal and drain holes will keep your clothes fresh.
Hope this helps

Ps: LG sucks... except for their marketing which suckered us all in.

The smell lingered too long...And yes, the water collects under the rubber ring after EVERY load. The solution is: First drying out the collected post -spin, residue / filth infested water with a paper towel (Don't reinfect your own towels with it!) Then spray the dry area with vinegar and water solution. lemos spritzing helps to stop the smell. The problem is that a machine that costly should NOT require so much work and repeated use of products polluting the environment. I would NEVER buy another LG product for that reason; as well as another...The spin cycle makes the entire house shake, even at the lowest setting. It is NOT a baancing issue, we have it at a level position. We have tried as few as two small items for weight difficulties which may have contributed to the disorder as well...no difference. This machine is a nightmare. Any thoughts about my other problem?

LG had a repairman come out yesterday to remedy the" mold/mildew in clothes once they are dampened again" problem. Are you ready for this? Aside from doing the things we already have to do ie..leaving washer door open (ALWAYS), wiping rubber seals in door, draining front lower hose, we now are told to run GLASS PLUS (8 ounces) through the tub clean cycle once or twice a month. We are to let a little bit of water fill tub (not for long or the door will ock and not open when paused), then open door and pour in GLASS PLUS or CLR (we were told the Glass plus works best). Its worth a shot. I would NEVER, EVER again buy this washre or any other top loader. Not willing to "jump through all these hoops" in hopes of getting clean laundry. They should HAVE to disclose ALL this befroe selling these units. It is NOT condusive to the layout of our home to have to leave the washer door open ALL the time to prevent mildew buil-up in between the rum that you can see and the one within the unit where i am told all of this "build-up" is.

ATTENTION LG Tromm Washing Machine Owners!!!!

I purchased my LG Tromm Model # WM2487HWM about 11 months ago and began having the moldy spelling problems about 1 month after purchase. I have called LG customer support multiple times and had technicians come out to clean it. But it did not help. I ran the cleaning cycle with bleach, left the door open ALL the time, purchased the HE cleaning tablets... and so on.. I've done it all also.. but the smell was still there. I was frustrated to a point that I just said.. forget it!! I simply continued to use the machine and did my regular cleaning..

Until a week ago I was at Fry's Electronics and I was fiddling around with the other front loaders checking to see if they were all built the same way as the LG products.. A salesman came by to see if I needed any help. I asked him about the newest generation of LG products and if LG has done anything to repair/replace the problem I was getting with their Tromm model.

To my surprise... he told me that LG has discontinued the model that I owned.. which again is the WM2487HWM. So.. I came home and called LG and explained my situation all over again. This time, the technician whom I spoke to actually spoke fluent English and actually took action on my case. (Note, my previous calls,I have always gotten a person who barely spoke English and kept putting me off, I have been hung up on, left on hold for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or until I was so frustrated that I would hang up the phone).

The good news.... the English speaking customer service person I spoke to agreed that the machine needed to be replaced and they gave me a claim number to be contacted by another department to get my units replaced with another unit.. WOW!! Can you believe that?? After almost 1 year of frustration and anxiety, someone finally took action and get this problem resolved.

So you may want to check with LG or the retailer where you purchased your unit from to see if you're still under warranty and if they are willing to replace it for you. I'm not sure how many Tromm models have been discontinued, but I suggest you do some research and see if you will be able to get yours replaced.

Good luck!!

Unhappy Mom Of 2 In Texas

Make a boil wash (with no clothes and detergents) put in the powder's drawer a cup of bicarbonate of soda. It should clean the machine and move out the bad smell. Good luck!

To sum it all up:
1. use 1/3 the detergent recommended
2. use powdered detergent
3. use only h/e detergent
4. clean the seal
5. leave door open
6. every once in a while run an empty load with no detergent but a cup of vinegar

I recently purchased a front loader washer and dryer lg model wm0742hga and the wonderful dryer model dle0442g. These high efficiency items with there magnificent light show and quiet running are only surpassed by the wonderful pungent odor. These odors succumb all. A wonderful shower, a quiet candlelight jet tub and then the soft, plush feel of a fresh towel as you wipe your face the wonderful smell THEN BAMM. A WONDERFUL SMELL OF BURNT RUBBER. As you gag in horror at what you are smelling. THEN BAMM. A WONDERFULL SMELL SMELL OF BURNT RUBBER IN YOUR CLOTHS. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN SC--W-D by lg. Not me no way no how. They are taking the item back and exchanging it at there cost for a top loader HE units and they are 185 dollars more. Yes you guessed it they are eating that to. My suggestion to all who have this or will have this problem dont go with a front loader. Fight for your rights dont take any burnt rubber from anyone. Unless you like that smell.

I just purchased some 1 yr old tromm washer from a cousin... I'm so unhappy hv read alot of bad info but good tip cleaning . I can sure smell that bad Oder also I was like a detective with a flashlight looking at all the damn gunk in the edge sealant omg what hv I purchased I think I should have kept my good old top loading washer.. ??? Hope this works out soon or I wnt a refund asap

Use can use things you already have in your home to solve this problem. With whites or towels I use baking soda. It works to remove the odor and clean the laundry. i put it into the powdered detergent area.
If you do not have enough baking soda on hand, try vinegar, it also works really well to solve this problem. I put the vinegar in the bleach opening when I do a load of laundry. No, it does not smell up the clothes. Give these a try, if that does not work, Home Depot sells a product called Afresh (in the appliance area) that should take care of the problem as well. I have an LG Tromm front loader and these solutions have done it for me.

I was shopping for these and the guy in the store said you had to leave the door open to let the seal dry, or you'd get bad odors.

Try mixing a baking soda and water solution. Dip an old toothbrush in the solution to scrub in and around the rubber gasket to get the "gunk" off. That's the best solution I've tried yet ~ I can't get it all, but a good bit of it comes out.

I bought a HE washer approx 2 years ago, after 3 months i got the smelly laundry syndrome. I found that if i ran the tub clean cycle with 1 cup of bleach the smell went away. But to my chagrin when I did a load of laundry afterwords there was still bleach in the machine .. Eeeks. Well my final resolution to the situation was I only buy Tide ( no I dont work for them) I run the wash cycle with no fabric softener. I then run the speed wash cycle with softner in both cups. I have not had stinky laundry since. One more thing I also leave the door open. Frankly the washer just doesn't use enough water to rinse the soap out. All the residue is left in the bottom to create a nasty smell that washes your next load. If the washer is going to sit for a couple of weeks do the tub clean with the bleach. Then either run the speed wash again prior to doing laundry ( to rinse the bleach residue out) or Make your first load of laundry whites

I am enjoying my washer again :)