LG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin both directions, LE error.

Washer will spin one direction but not the other(slight buzzing sound), then LE error code. Smelt like burning rubber. Almost 3 years old.

Had the same problem with 5 years old LG TROMM WM2677H*M washing machine. Called LG PARTS CANADA office at 1-866-256-8897 and ordered HALL SENSOR pt.#6501KW2001A.
Easy to replace and cheap to buy ($35) delivered.

Thanks all of you for saving me a tone of money.

Had LE error code... Would wash for like 5 min, then would stop, and beep and display LE error code.

1. cleaned filter didnt help
2. replaced hall sensor didnt help
3. replaced main board WORKED!

Main board is in the left corner, when you remove the top cover from the washer. Has bunch of wires going to it.

Here is part #: 6871ER1003C

Model of my washer: WM2277HW

And for the record, this model sucks!!! Will never buy LG again

You guys are awesome ... IT WORKED!!! I can't thank you enough. The best part is that it was much easy that I anticipated. I would totally recommend having two people to get the job done.

St. Louis

We just replaced the sensor assembly today - and got the machine back to work after we experienced the "terrible" LE error code. Thanks for posting the step-by-step solution with pictures. Impeccable. Not even the "official" service manual by LG is that clear. In fact - if you stumble on that manual - make sure you do not confuse the "Ball Sensor Assembly" with the Hall "sensor assembly" discussed here.
It took about 1 hour for us to go through the various steps:
1) Remove the metal cover from the back of the washing machine (4 screws)
2) Remove the rotor (one big bolt)
3) Remove the screws that fasten some of the power cables to the chassis -as described in this thread.
4) Remove the stator - and replace the sensor assembly (6 bolts)
5) Put everything back together.
$27 and an hour of work did the trick. Thanks again for posting.

I too had the problem described. After reading the responses on this website I contacted Sears Parts and ordered the Hall Sensor. It came in three days and we replaced the sensor today. It is operating perfectly now! Thank you to all who wrote great troubleshooting and repair information...it was invaluable and much appreciated! Here's to those of us who love to fix things!

Wolfster, thank you thank you thank you!!! I tried the cleaning and unplugging, and I was still getting the grinding noise and LE code. I ordered the part, skeptical that it would fix the grinding noise, but IT DID! My washer is now fixed for only $26 instead of a $65 service call (minimum).

I had the same problem. I have read ALL the postings but then I had an epiphany:
How about checking the user's manual ?????

So I found my user's manual and the "LE" or "1E" error is related to the water pressure being too low, or the water faucet or valve to the washer not completely open.

1) I unplugged the washer for 15 minutes
2) I opened the water faucets to the washer all the way (they were about 25% open)
3) I plugged the washer back in
4) Chose "high spin" to spin the clothes that were wet inside the washer
5) Restart the wash

Better try this one first, since no parts need to be replaced

Hope this helps

The advice provided by profylevy and wolfster is right on target - the part cost me $18 and it took me a half hour to do. The only thing I can add is that getting the center bolt off is easier if you wedge a heavy towel against the cylinder and the frame so that it will not spin as you turn the wrench. It seems from all the posts that this is a common problem. Perhaps LG should let customers know and pick up the cost. Perhaps the part they used was faulty as well.

Thank you for the precise instructions on replacing the hall sensor. Also found debris that I had to use 8" long needle-nose pliers to remove from the filter area. (Looks like the remnants of my daughter's school ID card. Also pulled debris I found in the water outlet (white plastic at the top of the rubber ring gasket; as you look in the drum, look up and you'll see it). As I recall I had the LE error 4-5 years ago when it was under warranty and the cause was the debris in the water outlet. I would not be surprised if these debris accumulations end up screwing up this hall sensor as it overreacts to the strain. I am going to start checking the filter every couple weeks to make sure nothing is there. Thanks for saving me big bucks, ordered my part Dec 22 and got it Christmas Eve. Washer was running start-to-finish repairs of 20 minutes. Merry Christmas!

I had the LE code appear occasionally but if I restarted the wash cycle it would then work fine, until the other day. The washer refused to move the drum to spin out, I could hear some noises then it would time out and display the error. Tried restarting, unplugging, different cycles, etc. Then I tried Solution #5 (it's easy and free), the recirculating outlet tube was clogged up. The washer has been working fine for 2 days now.

Replacing the sensor worked! We had the same LE error problem (not spinning in one direction & shutting off after 3 minutes) and read the forums, ordered the part & had it installed in 15 minutes. Washer appears to be working fine.
I sure wish there was a way to take something apart and clean out whatever is making the washer smell. I have taken to removing the water filter and letting the last bit of water drain out of the machine after using it -- maybe this will help.
But I'd really like to get in there and CLEAN whatever is in there and making the exiting water smell like dead animals.

Thank you "ProfyLevy", "Chem-Prof", "Wolfster", & "Discgolfdc"!!!! I fixed my machine!!!!

My LG WM-2277HW stopped spinning and gave me the LE error code. It would try to spin, but only **** to the left or right, and make a high-pitched whirring sound. As suggested, I ordered part #6501KW2002A (senosr assembly) from www.mcminone.com . I figured it was definitely worth a try before calling in a repair man. If it didn't work, I'd only be out $20 bucks.

I want to encourage everyone to try this fix yourself before calling in service. I did speak to LG customer service first and after they had me run through a bunch of tests they told me I needed professional service. That's when I decided to try this myself.

Ladies, you can do this! I'm 5'2" 125lbs. I needed help to move my washer away from the wall, but after that everything was a snap as outlined by the above mentioned posters. Definitely have someone hold the drum from the inside when removing the large hex bolt in the center, and a little strength is needed to remove the stator cover (big metal ring with vents) because of the strong magnets, and some of the bolts were a bit tight. Other than needing a bit of muscle, the instructions here on this site are very clear and it is a very simple fix. I took my time and it only took around 30-40 minutes.

I'm a stay-at-home mom and can't afford professional repair costs. I am so thankful for this site and the people that took time to outline their experience. Awesome!!!

P.S. I was surprised that the sensor assembly piece I replaced didn't look a bit worn. I felt like I was simply swaping a new looking part for another new part. I thought I was going to remove something old, worn, beat-up, etc. But, hey, whatever, it worked and I'm running loads with no probs!

Solution 5 worked for me!! THANKS GUEST. My machine stopped in the middle of the cycle displaying the LE code. Unplugged it, drained the gritty water from the little black hose (plug) in the lower left filter housing, then cleaned and wiped the inside of the filter which unscrews and VOILA! THANKS AGAIN

I write to say that this fix works on the LG Tromm WM1815CS with part number 6501KW2001A from the same dealer.

We had the same problem with our LG Tromm WM1815CS: no movement of the drum, even at the start. The drum tried slightly a few times and then the LE message came up. I Googled myself to this page and, even though my model number was different, I figured I would risk $30 on this fix because the machines, determined by looking at LG's manuals, seemed similar. However, I took the motor apart first, thinking that I would see how it looked compared to the pictures in this article. Looked good. But I discovered that the part number was one digit different: 6501KW2001A. So that's what I ordered, from the same dealer. Stuck it in and there she went. Saved a lot of money, thanks to this forum.

We have the 2075 LG TROMM Washer. It also had this LE error. The sensor above fixed the problem!

Thanks for the information!

I had the same problem, however I metered out the Sensor Assembly or the HALL sensor and it gave me the correct reading and according to the service manual they sugest to change the main board (PWD) if the readings are correct. Even though the sensor metered fine it was still the sensor that was faulty, my sugestion is to just change the sensor before buying the PWD.

I have the WM0832HW LG washer and had the LE error also. We had experienced the error a few times over the last 3 years where unplugging the power seemed to reset before. However, this last time, there was no escaping it after resetting power and cleaning all filters.

However, the intstructions to replace the hall sensor on this website were fantastic and we also did the job in about an hour after ordering the part from (www.mcminone.com, P/N 6501KW2002A, description is "sensor assembly") as described in earlier posts.

The cost was about $18.00 and the job was very easy following the steps listed by "proflevy" above. It was very easy to do and even someone with average skill can easily do this. Just need a phillips screw drive and a socket set and follow the steps listed.

The only thing I can add to the input above is that the sensor is held on to the ring by little pressure tabs. It can be removed by using a flat screw drive blade (or finger nail) on the inside of the ring by simply lifting up on the little tab and wiggling the sensor to see how it comes off. Very little pressure needed but knowing about the little tab helps.

Thanks again all - our washer is going strong again tonight - what I am sure would have been a costly service bill or even someone recommending we replace our whole motor was fixed with a small sensor and an hours worth of easy labor.

This site and everyone who posted solutions are awesome! I cleaned my recirculating outlet as javawing suggested (didn't even notice that it was stopped up), and replaced the sensor assembly as suggested by profylevy, chem-prof, wolfster, etc., and my 6-year-old WM2277HW is back up and running like normal after suffering from the infamous no-spin LE error problem.

Profylevy's step-by-step, along with discgolfdc's suggestion for a ratchet with 17mm and 10mm sockets, were right on -- except that I found myself resorting to using one of those 4-way lug wrenches (that you use to change out a flat tire) to get out the big center bolt holding the rotor in place. (The lug wrench used in conjunction with someone holding the drum still was the only thing that gave me enough force to loosen that thing. LG really put those screws and bolts on tight!)

I'm a little disappointed that LG made a product that failed for so many people in such a short time (as evidenced by the number of posts on this page). But on the other hand, the fix was relatively simple, and my machine was one of the first front loaders of this kind that I saw hit the stores -- so maybe it had to be expected that it wouldn't be perfect.

Anyway thanks to everyone who posted. I'm hoping this fix lets my wachine machine keep on going another 6 years or more.

I have a WM1815CS Model. I had a LE Error post on the digital display. I removed the filter located on the lower left hand corner and hoses inside and cleaned all areas of residual soap. I unplugged the power and waited approximately 10 minutes. I plugged the machine back in and voila!!! Everything seems to be working fine.
In the past, I was using regular detergent. I now use the High Efficiency Detergent. The problem has yet to reoccur. I would also like to suggest using distilled vinegar and pour it into the drum. Run a few cycles on the hottest temperature. This should work as a good solution to eradicate the soap build up.

Be careful - I am now replacing my LG washer because of the continual LE code. We would get it fixed and then it came back. NOW, the motor and the mother board and both ruined. It took the trained technician (and there are very few of those) almost an hour to ID the problem. It will cost almost $600 to them replaced so after only using this machine for about 5 years ONLY!! I have NEVER had a worse machine and would NOT recommend buying an LG!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the WM2277HW and it did the LE thing the other day. The wife had a single blanket running that unbalanced the machine. The only difference in my situation was that the washer was giving off a funky smell. It wasn't quite the burned up motor smell or even a toasted semiconductor smell. I couldn't figure out what it may have came from. The stator measured 7.4 ohms across any of the terminals. The spec resistance should be anywhere from 5 to 15 ohms according to the data that came with the replacement stator. I wanted to save time and effort so I purchased the stator (with hall sensor attached) and the main PWB controller board from MCM electronics. After swapping out the stator (with new sensor) the machine is running just fine. I'll keep the replacement PWB controller just in case.....
A suggestion on reinstalling the rotor. Line up the "teeth" of the shaft and the rotor. you need only to start the rotor on the shaft. Insert the 17mm bolt into the shaft, hold it with a box end wrench then spin the rotor by hand. This will pull the rotor onto the shaft without any grief.

Part numbers for the WM2277HW:
Main PWB 6871ER1003C (sticker directly on the board)
Stator 4417FA1994G
Sensor 6501KW2002A (sticker on the sensor)

I to had the dreaded "LE" error message and replaced the Hall sensor today. I also did an ohm check of the old sensor and compared it with the new. The pins 1 and 2, red and blue wires resectfully are actually the feed back to the board and a good sensor will have around 20 ohms resistance with the sensor out of the circuit. The bad sensor tested open.
I also checked the stator windings with the ohm meter and had 7.7 ohms across any of the three pins in any connection combination. If a combination tests open or a resistance higher than 30 ohms the stator needs to be replaced. I think this would be highly unlikely due to the design.
The Hall sensor feels the magnetic flux of the rotor magnets as they pass by and passes the pulse to the board to indicate rotation and speed information. If the boad sends power to the stator it expects to receive pulses back from the sensor. If no pulse is seen when expected you get the dreaded "LE" error. This process keeps the rotor safe buy turning off the power to the rotor.
I hope this information helps someone fix their problem as the previous information held me.

Definitely sounds like the position sensor is faulty. I had this happen to my WM2277HB recently. Motor would start to turn, then jerk, hum, and not move, eventually gives LE code. Powering down, all the other tips had no effect. Very unlikely that the motor itself is bad if it still turns freely. You could confirm the stator wiring is OK by unplugging it and taking resistance readings across the stator terminals of the 3-pin connector (any combo of two should be 7-15 ohms). I was able to order the part from an online electronics supplier (www.mcminone.com, P/N 6501KW2002A, description is "sensor assembly") and several other places may have it as well. You can download a basic but somewhat helpful service manual here that has some disassembly instructions and exploded view diagrams, explains the troubleshooting mode. Don't even bother calling LG or a service tech unless it's under warranty. If you're here you probably have some basic repair skills and tools and can easily replace it yourself for about $20. My washer was about a year and a half old when the sensor went out, now it runs great again.

Go out and get the sensor!!!! It works!!! I followed the directions above and for 24$ Canadian (Sears parts)...the problem was solved in 20 minutes. Thank you Javawing and profylevy:)..and everyone else who provided the sensor solution!

Will the same sensor above (wolfster) work for the LG WM3632HW combo washer/dryer? I've been getting the same LE error as you describe. It sounds like it is the position sensor, but I want to make sure its the same part number. Thanks!

I am really glad I stumbled on this site- It enabled me to fix my 3 year old LG WM2277HW washer that had the motor errors described here (LE error, buzzing noise, won't spin/rough spin, etc). All of the normal fixes suggested by the LG phone tech support failed (unplug, reset, etc).
I followed Wolfster's suggestions (12/4/07 post here) and got the $20 position sensor part (also make sure to print out the LG service manual - see Wolfster's link). I used other suggestions by Diyrocks (12/8/07 posting under section entitled "so disgusted with....) about motor disassembly and sensor replacement. I'll try to add a couple of annotated images to this post, showing the sensor and its location. Note the outer grey metal cover has magnets on it so putting it back on the copper coil motor assembly (also has magnets) requires some patience (they stick to each other) and fiddling. Also removing the grey cover required careful use of a socket wrench and inserting a crescent wrench in one slat of the over to get some torque.LG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin both directions, L - 6875d02.jpg
Bottom line is after replacing the $20 position sensor, my washer sailed through the motor spin tests (QC test mode in service manual) and has performed 4 wash cycles humming along as smoothly as it once did!

Short answer: The post+images by “chem-prof” on Jan 10, 2008 and the post with part instruction by “wolfster” on Dec 04, 2007 solved the problem!!! You guys are the best!!!

Long answer: We purchased the LG WM2277HW three and a half years ago. We have been VERY happy with the results. Last Thursday we got the LE error code after placing a single sofa cover in for a quick cycle. I’m not sure if this is what caused the part to go bad or it’s just the fact that this part might have a “time limit” so LG can make more money on service… (sounds like my Volvo!!!). Anyways, after freaking out for five very long minutes, I Googled the phrase “LG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin” and got directly to this page (WAHOO, FixYa.com!!! You guys are great too!!!). Read the instructions posted by “chem-prof” and “wolfster”. Following “wolfster” I went to download the user manual and exploded diagram from, then I went to http://www.mcminone.com/ and typed “P/N 6501KW2002A” in the search. Got the “sensor assembly” part for $17.50 + $22.50 (2nd day air UPS). Make sure to note “Please send me a UPS tracking info” in the comments field. Got the UPS tracing e-mail from mcminone.com and waited…. Tuesday was my delivery day (Ohio to Florida). On 5pm got the part by UPS. At 5:15pm it was all assembled and first cycle was started to run!!! Now it’s my 3rd cycle and the baby LG WM2277HW is spinning like usual!!!
OK, now let me tell you, the images by chem-prof are great, but I found that if you take the three screws that attach the electric cords to the drambase it will actually make your life easier and it you will not need to disconnect one of the cords/plug, only the small one that attaches to the “sensor assembly”. See my image for the process:
A. Take off the 4 screws for the metal covering
B. Take center large screw (#2 on my list, it was a mistake…), this will not be as easy unless you have someone else to hold the dram from the front… but it’s doable after all, I did it!
C. Take off the magnets covering, this may require some shifting left and right, while pulling to the back (placing it back is not that easy, indeed watch your fingers when placing it back!)
D. Disconnect the cords attachment screws (#1 on my list)
E. Take the 6 screws of the motor (looks like a circle with orange cords around it!) (#3) and place the motor on a towel on the floor
F. Take off the plastic part (“sensor assembly”) from the motor
G. Place the new plastic part (“sensor assembly”) on the motor
-- Redo steps E to A backwards… voualla! You’re done!
H. Take your wife and the kids to a fancy restaurant for all the $$$ you saved!

LG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin both directions, L - 82ce8a1.jpg

I'm sure it could be any of these solutions but gmwestrup is correct. I replaced the sensor twice and the whole stator once. Still got the LE. I just now took his advice and unplugged all the connections from the whole pcb unit. Put it all back together and now it works. I've tried before to simply unplug it from the wall (even for hours) and that didnt work.

I had the verysame problem, until Ifound this site. Great info solved my problem. Tried to order part from local repair shop, the man said he was not alowed to resell parts from lg. But gave me their# in ontario 1-866-256-8897 the service girl was very pleasant and helpful, Put on hold for maybe a minuit, asked for my info and shipped that day. Recieved the next afternoon by courier 20 min total remove and replace. works like new ;) 20.94 part's, 9.99 shipping. Saved probably $400 on service. One place said junk it, itwould be cheaper to buy a new one. Ha HA

I'm just writing to send out a BOOTY shout! -- That's a Big Ol' Ohio Thank-You!!!

This fix did the trick for me. I love it! Heck with $100-200 service calls! In fact, MCM Electronics has a distribution center in Springboro, Ohio, which is about 30 minutes away from me, so I went and picked up the sensor myself. In stock, $17.70.

Quite honestly, this is an extremely easy fix, if, in fact, the drum position sensor is the problem. In my case, I kissed my LE error good-bye once I got it assembled again.

From the first screw taken out of the back cover to the disassembly to the re-assembly to the last screw put back into the back cover, this fix took me approximately as long as it took me to get to MCM Electronics! About 30 minutes.

The only tools you need are a phillips head screwdriver, a 17mm socket (for the stator cover bolt), a 10mm socket (for the six motor/magnet bolts) and a ratchet to turn those sockets!!! That's it. No special tools necessary!! Oh, and yeah, it might be just a tad easier to remove the stator cover bolt if you have someone else with you to hold the drum still from the inside of the machine (putting their hands in thru the front door). I didn't have that help, but I still got it done in a half-hour. And I'm not a professional mechanic or anything. Just a home-ownin' hack in southwestern Ohio. Actually, no... I'm not a hack. I'm a chiropractor.

Anyway, I greatly appreciate the insights posted by everyone on this board. Now all I have to do to retire from practice is to go out and find a whole bunch of people who have these LG machines and run my own service business exclusively for this malfunction. MCM gives bulk discounts, so if I order a whole bunch of these sensors, I'll be making a killing in profit on my service calls alone!! That is, unless gas prices catch up!

Thanks, everyone!!!

Hi there. I have Washer/Dryer WM3632HW and had same problem,LE error. Thanks to this posting I ordered parts and everything is back to normal. Only if I can say something to step #2. Put wrench on bolt and tap wrench with another bigger wrench or with hammer. It looses bolt without need of other person holding drum from other side. Took me 15 minutes to do all repair. Thanks again.

Posted on Jun 15, 2008
by: DannytheMan
"Solution 5 worked for me!! THANKS GUEST. My machine stopped in the middle of the cycle displaying the LE code. Unplugged it, drained the gritty water from the little black hose (plug) in the lower left filter housing, then cleaned and wiped the inside of the filter which unscrews and VOILA! THANKS AGAIN"

After reading through 10 or 11 solution posts, I was convinced I would have to order the $20 sensor-not a problem from the money or mechanical standpoint, I've always serviced my appliances when I could get parts & svc. details. It was the waiting for shipping that troubled me, having a family of five with three sons.
Then I saw DannytheMan's post and told my wife, "there are two possible solutions, one will have it fixed tonight for free, the other will have it fixed in a couple of days for $20". It's fixed, tonight and for free! The filter was full of airsoft pellets that belong to my youngest son, small rubber bands that my oldest son uses in his beard and a couple of miscellaneous items.
I have also copied the photos, links and instructions from everyone for future reference. Thank you, everyone!

LG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin both directions, L - 4a24ee6.gif

I hate to tell you this but it may or may not be the hall sensor. If you suspect that as the problem and change it and not see the problem again then good. I have chaned it out 3 times and the error still comes back. It is very random and I think it has something to do with spining the drum. It sets the main board into some weird state that has to be reset. SOmetimes unplugging does the job. I found the best method on mine is unplugging all the connectors to the main board and then plugging them back in. It is resetting soemthing and it then works fine. I can hear all the relays click and reset. I am sure people think replacing the sensor is fixing it but I think most of the issues are being fixed becuase when you go to replace the sensor you have to unplug it and you are then turning the drum and who knows what else.

Anyway I have had our machine for about 6 or 7 years with no problem. Then in the last year it started this. Like I said I replaced the sensor 3 times. The last time did not fix it so I put the one I just took off back on, it still did not work. I ordered the main board but the one I got was a new revision and had diffrent connectors so I sent it back. I put the original back in and it worked. This is how I figured out the disconnect the board solution. I just did it again as the LE error came up again after 3 months. I tried all the unplugging spinning drum, and then now of that worked so I unplugged the board and plugged it all back in and BAM it worked again. I am almost sure it is a relay or something on the board. If I can find this same part number I will buy one.

LG TROMM WM2277HB (it shows LE) washer spins and makes a noise that never has made it will spin and then it sounds like it get stuck and it wont spin no more some one came to look at it and tells me that its the computer on the washer but i dont know if hes right or not can some one help me plz

I don't think anyone's tried this solution yet, but it helped me with my LE error. I've tried changing the hall switch, rotating the drum, and unplugging the unit; all which work temporarily, but never permanently. I posted this solution as a fix for the moldy smell, but I think it applies to the LE error/no spin problem as well:

As I understand it, the LE code is a motor overload problem. It never states which motor they're talking about. If your washer stops spinning (in my case after 5 years,) and/or you have a moldy odor coming from the machine you might have a blocked water recirculating hose. Another indicator of this would be if you fail to see water coming down the inside front part of the door glass during a wash cycle.

To remove the plug, you'll have to locate the recirculating outlet on the upper-most portion of the gray door gasket:
LG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin both directions, L - f4fe1dd.jpg

From here, you'll need small fingers, or a pair of tweezers to pull the wet lint plug that might be lodged in the tube. Mine was about 2 inches:541b77a.jpg

Next, you'll want to check the bottom part of the gasket at the 3 rectangular drainage holes for lint blockage. Pull these out with tweezers, or your fingers. Make sure you have all of it LG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin both directions, L - 788e834.jpghecking the backside:


Next, you'll want to unplug the machine and let it sit for about 15 minutes to reset the main-board error, then run it through a santitize cycle with no clothes or detergent, just bleach. Do not wash a load before this step, or the residual junk inLG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin both directions, L - e73d54d.jpgill get into your laundry. I caught this on the inside glass during that cycle:

If you're successful, you shouLG Tromm WM2277HW will not spin both directions, L - 406a701.jpgterfall of water coming down the inside front glass. It's been so long since I've seen the waterfall that I forgot it even did that:

My guess is that the LE code also senses the water recirculating motor as it stalls trying to push water through the blocked hose. Mine has not given me an LE error since. Aside from that problem it's been a reliable machine.

Hope this colon-cleanse for your LG front-loader works as well for you as it did me.

Fault code"le" is motor overload problem.IE motor stator is not communicating with control panel.remedy is to have motor stator replaced.make sure new stator has motor positioning sensor attached