Cabrio washer stops spinning and doesn't restart

Cabrio washer washes and drains but when the spin cycle starts it spins till about 9 to 11 minutes left in the spin cycle and stops.It doesn't restart and at this point I get a flashing lid lock and have to diconnect power to reset and unlock lid.Clothes are still soaking wet.Frustrated HELP PLEASE!!!!

It sounds like the water pump is not emptying properly, blow down the water outlet pipe to see if is clear if not go to the water pump and clean it out there is probably a button , paper clip or other debris preventing it from doing its job eric

More than likely motor has lost a stage in it. I would replace it.

There could be several things causing this problem. Have any small items gotten caught in the pump or between the basket and tub? You may be using a cycle with a low spin speed. If you need to remove excess water, select the Drain and Spin option. If the load is tightly packed it might cause the problem you're having. Are you using ONLY "HE" detergent? If so, be sure you're using the correct amount. To clean out residue from too much or wrong type of detergent select the "Rinse and Spin" option but do NOT add any detergent.
I hope this information helps. If it does, please rate my suggestion and its effectivness. Thanks!

sounds like you have a broken motor coupling between the motor and transmission

maybe your clutch is slipping not getting full spin speed,,,,or could be a problem with your basket drive assy