My Kelvinator pride 5.5 Smart drive 8 washing machine started beeping. It had one green light and one red light error message. I tried to get it to start, and it just hums. I removed all the clothing and it still just hums when you try to start it. I don't know how to drain it so that I can get a better look.

Turn machine OFF on the front panel. Hold down the Water Temp Down button and press the POWER button. Release buttons. You are in Diagnostic mode.With your service sheet ,Diagnostic chart will explain where the error lights pattern and the path to your solution are.My advice is this....there is a known problem with the wire harness connectors,and the contact that is made at the point of connection.One at a time remove each connector starting at your main control board ,some where there is a loose connection.

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With an error code the only way to find and to repair this is,
First unplug the washer and wait a few minutes then restart it like rebooting your computer when its acting strange!
If it corrects the problem GREAT!!!
If not only a trained laundry tech can make the electronic diagnoses.
Like I used to be able to fix my own cars, but not today they need diagnostic equipment!
Below I referred you to a great service nation wide!

If none of these tasks remedy the heat problem then here is a good company that's found nation wide.
A&E Factory Service
A&E has schedulers available to take appointments 24/7
And they do warranty work too, for most manufactures!
1(800) 905-9505

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it sounds like you have sand in the pump,you can remove the bowl to get access to it,or remove the pump from underneath which is easier.but you must remove all water first.the pump is a click in fit you just bend the white plastic clip but not to far then the pump will twist out.hope this helps.

Check your exit hose spigot, it may be clogged. This is if your filter is all clean(ref manual). There should be air for passage in the standpipe behind. Your hose should not fit airtight into the standpipe and neither too deep into it. Snaking out your standpipe would be good too.

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hi as a guess there is some stuff caught between the magnet of the motor and the windings. if u unplug the machine open the inspection door and remove the magnet part and clean it it might help

I would remove the water outlet pipe and lay it as flat as possible to drain the remaining water out you will be amazed how much water there is left in the machine
the humming will be the inlet water valve or the motor trying to start when you have the door open try turning the drum by hand to see if it turns easily eric