Getting an error code of e3 f5 - Washing Machines

Go to the manufactures website for a user manual normally free to download as we don't know the make of your machine to help you eric

Here is what it says in Maytag's Technical Info Guide: Machine control is
attempting to drive the
motor but is not seeing any
tach response. Visual
check shows motor is not
moving. (Locked, Hall
Sensor fault)

Here is the web site for the guide:

Try this: take off the back panel and check the motor connections. Unplug them and look for any corrsion.
Hope this helps.

believe you have wrong numbers,cant find any amana nfw7300ww washers,found ,,IFW7300WW00 ,though

Hi ad welcome to FixYa, I am Kelly
Here is the service manual: You have to join the site to get the manual but of all sites this one is a gold mine of information. I am sending this link now and will respond again after my almost 3 hour manual download of the manual. I have to read the manaul myself before responding. My intial thoughts are the following: Possible door lock failure, an oven sensor has failed or a high limit thermostat has failed. I will resond with the code F5 E3 data after the manual completes. Thanks for choosing FixYa,