Smeg washing machine reset

Why my machine not working? my washing machine is smeg sw86 I have problem as soon start take water just few seconds and stop they don't countenio to work even the door not open the light for the door blinking allays don't stop and don't open also the machine don't work I don't what the problem please any help

the carbon brush may be worn out and need replacement(these are a pair of componet that makes contact to the motor. Francis

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hi had a similiar problem on a year old washing machine after 3 engineers later who 1..put in a new circuit board...did not work 2...put in a heating element ...did not work 3...techican engineer..put in a new motor and repalced air pressure did work if your drum is turning slowly and does not wash how very well you may find ur motor is getting worn out..a problem..?? b careful they r £90 so make sure its that b 4 u change it my machine started to fill then almost immedately emptied out..then tured off then i had the flashing lights hope this is some help to u

Found it for myself - F7=motor fault. New motor brushes fixed it. This error code will come up if the motor fails to turn on demand at any point in a program, be it filling, in a wash cycle, or spinning.

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I would first go to the manufactures website for a user guide to identify the root of the fault in the problem section or even write to them for advice eric

it may be a stuck cycle. try to unplug it for 20-30 min and try again.