Nilfisk advance ba410 scrubber-dryer.... When you turn on machine battery indicator on handlebar flashes up and Down between max and min for 3 seconds and then stays on min for roughly 5 seconds then dies, it's not the batteries as I have tried putting brand new ones in and leaving old ones on charge over night

almost certainly a new module and eprom. these modules have given a lot of problems.

not really worth doing

because of the short time this runs then stops, there could be maybe 3 faults, 1 check water inlet valves and supply for water flow 2 check for any motor action (use another programme) 3 check heater element for open circuit number 1 or number 3 sounds most likely hope i have helped, if so rate me please

Darrell... read this


the charger in the laptop is not functioning. pc will need repaired

I can only advise to go to the manufactures website for a user manual to identify the fault cause eric