I am getting a F50 code on my bravos, what does this mean

Wash cycle starts and starts to fill up, then all lights on dial flash an "f" code displays. another site said to view the entire code, push any other button (not power/start/cancel) 3 sec, release 3 sec. and it will display the code. Did that and am getting a "f" followed by "50".

My Maytag has error F50. It's a mtw6600tq0 model. will not spin but water does run out. Any suggestions?

Go to the makers website for a user manual there usually free to download and you should find an answer eric

This isnt really a solution because Im having the same problem. The repair man that came said that is buildup of soap in the water line. I use my own powder soap, not h/e, and its not desolving and getting built up in the lines. Im not sure what to do to get it to stop doing this. He suggested cutting back on the amount of soap and running hot water through the lines which I have done for the last couple of days but I still have this problem.

It is most likely a very slow fill problem ,either the cold or hot water supply is restricted and the machine cannot sense the right water temp. and will shut down .

Machine cannot wash properly with a small amount of water.

Ckeck ,the screens in the water valve or at the hoses at the top where the faucets are ,clean them or replace them but never leave them out .