I have a Neptune MAH5500B and the door won't inlock. It started first with the RL code and I unplugged machine and started it again and that's when the door will not unlock.

Open the soap dispenser. Look down in front of the fabric softener dish.
You should see a yellowy-green plastic cord (like weed-whacker line). Pull it.
The door should open.

If you don't see the cord, remove the four screws that hold the dispenser lid in place to find it. Just don't lose it when you put the cover back on.

Faulty Latch ,, i would order and replace the latch assy, you acess the latch by removingthe 4 screws in the dispensor assy, the n remove the door, andthe 2 screws opposit teh door hinge. then the front "u shaped" panel will come off and then just 2 5/16" screws on either side will release the main top assembly allowing you to tip it backwards and gaining acess to the latch assy

You need to replace the wax motor, part # 12002535, every time you pull the ripcord. The cord is made to break the wax motor. Also check the control board to see if the R-11 resistor is burned out and replace the board if it is. Congrats if it is not, the control board and wax motor work together and if one is inop it will burn out the other.

RL seems to be saying that there is a fault in the door lock itself it is not making the circuit unplug the machine take the top off and push the drum to the rear and use a chubby screwdriver to remove the door lock don't forget to remember where the wires where fitted in order to replace it with a new door switch go onto the Neptune web site for a new one eric

you need a new door lock switch

pull out the dispenser drawer push down on the tab remove the drawer and there is a cord you can pull to unlock the door pull on the door same time you pull the cord