Lg front loader model no WM0642HW makes grinding sound when the spin is either stopping or going into high speed. slow spin speeds are o.k. when it speeds up it comes to a stop after hearing a grinding sound. please help. if I can't fix this, how much would the repair, parts and labor cost in Ohio. Thanks.

This is an Imbalance code. Your issue may be with:

Sounds like the bearing or the belt pulley

Most likely the spider gear is broke,if you open the door and look inside at the back wall you'll see a piece sign,that's where the gear is,it would be cheaper to replace the washer than repair it,the causes are usually overloading and mostly using to much soap,you should only be using two tablespoons of soap that's it,i don't care what the bottle says or the lines in the dispenser,if you put your index finger along side of the detergent cap like you're pointing and make a mark that's a good guild on how much HE detergent to use,around 1/4 inch high,also if your washer stinks and maybe black buildup on the rubber boot that's from the soap also,i know you have an lg but this is what the spider gear looks like
also i had one person on this site wrote in to the factory and you should see the number on the tag with the model number on in your paper work and told them what happened,her and her boyfriend were handy,they took the washer apart,the factory sent them the spin basket assy. and they changed it out themselves they got the part for 100.00 dollars from the factory but the factory wanted like 1600 dollars to do the whole job,why would anybody do that when you could buy a brand new washer for less than half the amount but this is what you deal with.sorry for the bad news but i would call the factory,tell them what happened and see if they could give you a discount on a new washer,all they can say is no,there are a bunch of class action lawsuits out there too for this problem.good luck

Your washer doesn't have a belt. It's direct drive. It could be the spyder that holds the inner drum to the shaft. To find out if you can determine the problem, look at repair videos on YouTube.com, or at repairclinic.com, or appliancepartspros.com.

I had exactly the same symptom...grinding noise only during high speed spin cycle.

I took the top and back panels off to see how the drain hoses etc. connected. Not wanting to take it apart further, I eventually just took the washing machine outside (I knew I was going to be dealing with water!), pulled the debris catcher front side bottom, and let rip with a garden hose inside the drum with the catcher out (leaving an open drain that could flow unimpeded).

Water flowed quickly out of the open drain, and lo and behold, a small drill bit came out with the water flow. This bit, presumably had gotten through the drum grating, and was resting on the bottom of the housing, scraping and grinding when the drum was spinning.