Fisher & Paykel GW712 (AU)washing maching not draining

My Fisher & Paykel top loader (2005) is not draining - there is no problem with the spin function but there is water left in the bottom of the washer (ie, under board the agitator sits on). It looks as if it has fully drained but you can hear it when I move the agitator and can see it when I remove the agitator. There doesn't appear to be anything else wrong with it (eg control panel seems to work fine). Sometimes there is water on the floor, after a washing cycle, but not always. Not sure if it's the water pump, diverter valve or something else. Wondering if I need a new part or its just a simple fix.

check out another website. for other fix it tips on FPaykel.

It looks like it has to be the control module.
You need to replace it .
It will cost you around $200 .

Please dont put any more money into this machine,if you wait long enough it will take alot more than a penny.

look at my post "eco smart won't drain, smells hot". It could be something stuck in very lowest part fo drainage area. you have to remove the motor on bottom of washer to see into this area and remove blockage.

I would check the water outlet pipe blow hard down it to see if the way is clear if not then look at the water pump itself to see if it rotates freely then there may still be a button or paper clip in the system preventing the pump from doing its job eric

if the pump works fine in diagnostic mode then it has tobe a module problem
cheers grant