My LG Tromm electric dryer won't heat - again.

I replaced the high temperature sensor (which failed continuity test), and it started heating again but then went out again a few loads later. I have checked the exhaust ducts, and there is no blockage. Not sure if I bought a bad replacement part or there is some other underlying cause for it tripping again.

I had exactly the same symptom...grinding noise only during high speed spin cycle.

I took the top and back panels off to see how the drain hoses etc. connected. Not wanting to take it apart further, I eventually just took the washing machine outside (I knew I was going to be dealing with water!), pulled the debris catcher front side bottom, and let rip with a garden hose inside the drum with the catcher out (leaving an open drain that could flow unimpeded).

Water flowed quickly out of the open drain, and lo and behold, a small drill bit came out with the water flow. This bit, presumably had gotten through the drum grating, and was resting on the bottom of the housing, scraping and grinding when the drum was spinning.

dryer has two fuses check both circuit breakers one is for heating the other is for the plug this fixed my front load lg this gives you the heat that you need to dry your clothes

no fuses only control boards.with power off pull the top off and check wires at your power supply board(not the one with buttons). Look for burn or damaged wires. no luck with that, will probably need power board(usually the board that goes out). Call LG and speak to cust service....sometimes will cover the board.

If the high limit is popping the dryer is getting to hot,i know you say you checked the vent line but i've heard that before,when i get out i remove the vent from the back of dryer,change out the t-stat and run it with the vent line off and it runs fine,how long is the vent line?if it's a long run remove it from the back of dryer and stick a leaf blower into it,blow it out to the outside and see what comes out,also first run it on air fluff,if this is a newer dryer set it to timed dry and then you can set it to air fluff,go outside and feel how it blows,then after you blow it out check it again,if you see alot of lint blow out and it's blowing harder your all set,you should take the dryer apart and clean it and the vent line once a year and you won't have any problems like this,also you won't have to worry about a dryer fire,your clothes will dry on time and less parts will have to be changed out,also when you get it to heat again run it on air fluff,if it gets hot on air fluff you have a shorted heater,one of the coils are touching the metal box on the heater and the heater won't shut off,also you have to clean out the duct where the lint filter slides down into,if this is blocked the dryer can't push the air out the blower wheel is blocked with lint.hope this helps you out happy holidays

This is joyce
I hope you have not been waiting long for this answer, go to the website dowload your document on your washer put in your model # first and then it will give you all the info you need on that machine even trouble shoot it and codes. I hope this helps.