Electrolux aeg 64840 trying to clean filter but taken off first bit but there is another which but can't seem to work out how to open it? desperate . lots washing to do pls help

Electrolux aeg 64840
trying to clean filter but taken off first bit but there is another which but can't seem to work out how to open it?
desperate . lots washing to do pls help

check no kink in drain hose and if plumbed in unbder sink, check spigot into sink drain is not blocked. put drain hose lower down band check there is water coming out freely. if not, then suspect something trapped in hose from tub to pump

well there are several possibility's. What was the washer doing? Rinse or cleaning? If there is standing water in the tub, then the pump went out or is clogged.

Hi Mike.

F2 means that there is a drain problem. The fault code is usually triggered by blockage.The door is locked because there is still water in the appliance.

Most AEG front load washers have an access door for the pump at the bottom right hand corner of the front side. Top loader pump is accessed at the back or from underneath.
Below a detail taken from a front loader Lavamat L7400:


To open the door is necessary to disconnect power and empty water through the pump access.Behind the door you will find a cap that can be unscrewed to access the pump. Have a container ready to collect the water. Remove any blockage present in the pump hose.

If the problem persists, check the drain hose at the back. Ensure that height is correct. Most AEG also have a flap in the drain access at the bottom of the drum. The function is preventing foreign objects and excess of soap from getting to the drain pump Repairing that will require disassembling and it is better done by a technician. In that case repair is done this involved removing the top panel; tilting the machine back;taking the bellows retaining ring and seal off; removing bottom front panel; placing the control assembly out of the way; accessing he bottom of the drum; undoing the hose clips; removing and cleaning or repairing the protective flap.

Other fault that can cause F2 is a defective pressure switch. The pressure switch function is detecting the water level. A defective pressure switch may result in machine getting stuck with F2 although all the water inside the machine has been drained. In that case the door is forced to open removing top and front panel. The pressure switch and the long rubber hose connected to the device must be replaced.

In some case the problem is the pump itself, and must be replaced.

Try accessing the pump through the front door and if needed check the drain hose. Most of the times that is enough to fix the F2 problem. If you really need repair call the service number listed on the owners manual.



The main PCB, before sending the door aperture signals, checks for the following conditions:
• The drum must be stationary (no signal from the tachymetric generator)
• The water level must not be higher than the lower edge of the door
• The temperature of the water must not be higher than 40º C.
Automatic release device
In the event of a power failure, or if the appliance is switched off using the ON/OFF switch, or if there is a
fault in the solenoid valve, the bi-metal PTC cools within a period of between 55 seconds and about 4
minutes (at a temperature of 65°C), thus releasing the door.

if after swiching off for longer than 5mins and the door lock does not unlock the lock must be faulty.

Hi. Put the first piece back into the filter hosing. Ten trunks counter clock wise. Filter will come out.