Replace rubber seal on my zanussi washing maching

What is the trick to replacing a rubber seal on my washing machine? It has a plastic clip fixing the seal on the outside and a metal spring fixing it on the inside. Do I need to remove any parts first to fit the seal, I tried without and it seem to me that you need 4 hands to hold things in place!! Thanks for any assistance

The only way to fit door rubber to tub on a zanussi is to use washing up liquid it takes two mins

Well it is a lot easier with 4 hands, i have fitted plenty and still find it easier with help although it can be done with one person, undo the clip on the outside of the machine round the door rim, and the other end of the door seal is a thin spring band, this just pulls off with the door seal, fitting is a reversal of removal, locate the lip into the drum outer lip, then (yes with 4 hands) stretch and fit the spring, it does fit, (it came off remember), then fit the front lip and the wire band at the front, check for correct fit and leaks before running machine properly best of luck, if i have helped please rate me

Found it impossible. After 30min I tried the washing up liquid trick and I got the rubber seal on in 1 min. Getting the spring on was another story, but managed in the end.