Why is my ge stackable washer dryer leaking water at the bottom left corner of the machine

watch the drawer closely as it fills, on out side of machine it might be hard to see or else small hole in door seal also hard to find good luck luck close ire

Open the door and stretch the rubber seal to see if it is split.
It is possible that one of the two hoses feeding the pump have splits in them, only way is to turn power off at wall and with a couple of pints of water in lift machine at an angle prop it with solid objects i.e. wood and squash hoses with your hands MAKE SURE POWER IS OFF AT WALL Tim

firstly check that the inflow water pipes connected to the machine are connected correctly, feel around the pipes that touch the machine to see if there is any water. If there is the washers may need replacing on the pipe. Or the pipe may simply have got a bit loose through the machines spinning.

Open the rear panel on the washer. Check the 3 rubber hoses connected to the pump. Make sure there are no splits, or a **** in any of them. Also look at the pump and make sure the casing is not cracked and dripping (if coins enter the pump they can crack the casing, causing a leak). If there is a leak in a hose, replace that particular hose. If the pump casing is cracked, replace the pump.

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Check one thing for me. When it's in the spin cycle, the drain pump is pumping the water out..check to see if the drain tube behind the unit, that goes into the wall, if the water is coming out of that. Test this on a full load please..

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