My washer won't fill - GE WBSE2090A Top Load Washer

I purchased a new washer machine and it only pulls hot water. I unscrewed the water supply line from the house and yep there is cold water and the line is turned on but my machine will not dispense cold when I hook this line back up to the back of the washer. Any suggestions?

Janie in Virginia

My washer has suds and dirt still thorugh the rinse cylce!! HELP

If your washing machine was working just fine, and now it won't fill with water or spin, try this first. This is what was wrong with mine, a pressure hose had a clog in the line. First take off the front panal of washer, then connected to the load size dial (small to large load) there will be a clear plastic tube. This tube had what just looked like a stain in it, but in fact it was pluged up and was the whole problem. If the washer already thinks it's full of water, it's not gonna fill or spin..........

Here was my problem .. my basement faucet was leaking and my 13 year old turned off the water valves and I had no idea. After disconnecting the hoses and checking them (I had to turn on the water to do so) which made me realize that there was no water to the washer .. duh!!! Once I reconnected the hoses and turned the valves on the washer worked great! =)

The installers hooked my new GE washer today and when I got home I tried it on warm and it would start to fill then stop. After reading these post (thank you btw) I tried it on hot and it filled. I tried it on cold and it just buzzed so I opened the cold water valve all the way and it filled in cold and warm. I hope this helps

This was a life savor !!! I spent 60 dollars on a mixing valve and it didn't fix the problem and had a repair man coming in the morning then i found this and my washer works like new with no repair bill.. THANK YOU..

To check that the washing machine is taking in both hot and cold water - Make sure both hot and cold taps are turned on Put the washing machine onto the whites program, which should take only hot water in. Pull the soap dispenser drawer out a little to check that hot water is coming in and at a decent flow rate When you are satisfied that the hot water comes in OK, either turn the program to the last rinse, or if you can't alter the program because it's electronic, cancel it and then put the washing machine onto the last rinse and restart. Open the soap dispenser drawer to check that cold water is coming in at a decent rate. If the washing machine wont take in any water at all and the drum doesn't start turning - plus you can hear a humming noise, check that both your taps are turned on or that the water supply hasn't been cut off in someway. The gentle humming from the back of the washing machine could be the water valves being energised and trying to take water in, but there's no water coming through the hoses. If no water enters the washing machine, but the drum starts turning (as though washing normally) then you should stop the washing machine as there may be a fault in the pressure system that controls the levels of water. This fault can cause the timer to receive a false signal that water is already in the washing machine and the heater may be energized. This can damage the heater or burn the clothes inside. A blocked pressure chamber can trap air in the pressure tubing and leave the pressure switch on. If this happens, when you put the washing machine onto a wash program it doesn't take any water in and starts washing because it things there is water inside. This fault should also prevent the washing machine going into spin though too. If the washing machine is not taking in water from one side only, (i.e.just the hot or just the cold) then the obvious thing is to check that water is actually available through the plumbing from the offending pipe. Turn off the tap on the affected supply and unscrew the hose from the valve at the back of the washing machine machine. Then simply hold the fill hose into the sink or into a bucket and turn the tap back on. If water comes through at a decent flow rate then check the filter in the water valve on the washing machine. You can pull it out with a pair of pliers and clean it. However, this will only explain your fault if it is severely blocked up, which is rare. If no water comes through the hose, or the flow is very slow, then the fault is in the plumbing. This is actually also quite rare, but if your machine was plumbed in using those self plumbing taps that clamp on to the copper water pipes then they do sometimes get clogged up and need the hole clearing. If this happens to the cold supply it can be achieved by turning the stop tap off first, but if the hot supply is blocked - which is the most likely of the two - then you have to turn off the cold supply and then drain the hot

My problem was a faulty filter in the head of the water supply line. After shutting the water off at the faucet, I removed the hose from the back of the washer. There I found that the little gray filter had been pushed half way out of the rubber washer inside of their. I just pryed it out, and reattatched the hose to finish the two loads I had left. Went to lowe's and replaced that hose the next day. Try that before calling in the big guns.

As far as soap and dirt still in the spin cycle, you could be overfilling your washer with clothes, putting too much detergent in a load, your drain hose could be blocked and not fully draining the basin, or any combination of all of the above.

Mine actually turned out to be a faulty outlet. The bottom one works though. I did do the tube checking thingy though, and found it fairly easy, but when I blew into the tube, I could hear the water in the tank bubbling, so I knew further investigation was needed, and did the obvious first, which turned out to be the cause. Now if my landlord will fix some of the electrical issues around here, life will be even better.