What is the range for distance for my bellsouth walkie talkies model 2231

Some number their channels differently, but all FRS/GMRS radios operate in the same mode and will have at least some frequencies in common. Check the channel/frequency lists for both radios and you'll be able to talk to each other.

This might be it:

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The manual says:
Channels Available - 22 Channels
Output ERP Power (TX) - 0.5W (FCC Maximum)
BatteryLife - 30 Hours (typical)
Range - About 2 Miles

I think this is the document you're looking for:
link <http://www.scribd.com/doc/3783989/>

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My name is Tony DeMil. I have some other 2276s that work well if you're interested!

Make me an offer. Or, do you have a manual? I also have other models. I came across a bunch in a lost and found sale.

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