GE front load washer (clothes)

Washer fills, washes but won't spin. washes back and forth just no fast spin. Since it does not spin , won't drain either.

For us it was $3.83, legos, rocks, door key, ribbon, pen top, etc. Unbelievable. So thankful for this advice.

Yesssssssssss, thanks for saving me $$$$$$ and make my pocket feel heavy again. The rubber area in my wssh300gww GE washer full of coins, strings, sand and even one baby sock. The problem started when the machine would NOT spin. Once the cycle reached spin all the green lights flash and it beeped. The water would not drain and the spin cycle will not engage. I opened the bottom panel (2 screws at the bottom left and right, then removed main rubber connector to the cylinder ans saw the sock stuck in the plastic container inside, making water not drain! You guys rock! thanks again, and btw. inside, I had found a hidden "service man" code book. So I did all the test that was listed there and the test failed on the drainage part.

Thanks again
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Wow!! So glad for Google!! Found this site and fixed our machine's problem! It didn't want to spin anymore, and the whole laundry room had a moldy smell. Found this drain as described, and collected a huge wad of lint, hair, hairclips, bobbie pins, silly bands (!) and $1.76 in coin, and a missing car key!!! Unbelievable!!

Thanks to everyone for posting!! Saved us a repair call!!

WOW, thanks for your help. We took off the panel and to our surprise we found 3.44, 1 large rubber band, 3 hair bands, 2 small sets of lock keys, a pair of earrings and a lot of lint. It was rather gross, but well worth it. The washer is running great now, thanks to this site. I really feel that GE, needs to inform their customers of this and have it in the manuel. But, why else would there be a "Drain & Spin" cycle...we wouldn't use that cycle, but a service repairman would if he were fixing it for us. Thanks again to ALL....

Check the drain hose, probably it is not spinning because the drain pump is faulty.
Do you get any error code?

Thanks for the info, quick easy fix and it saved the expense of a maintenance call. We pulled out crazy balls of gunk, $1.05, tags and a bean (don't ask). On another note don't pull the filter out when you have the machine full of water it fills up the pot and continues to drain out in the drawer. I wish that I knew that this washing machine required periodic maintenance before I bought it, I would have chosen a different model (Consumer Reports let me down).

Well I had the same problem with leaking and washer not spining. I to removed the three screws from the bottom of , but im going to the home depo to see if I can get some clips to put towards the bottom sides like some other washing machines have so will not have to unscrew the bolts again. Also, cleaned out my filter and found 5 bucks of change paper some old masking tape a broken pen and a lot of lint from mine. I unclamped the hose to clean the blockage then got my shop vac and sucked everthing out of the hose. In my case even if you clean the filter does not mean the pipe did not have garbage. I know I heard it when my shopvac got it. Use it if you have one or stick you hand up to hose just to make sure its clear. My fear is that im scared something will get stuck up thier if it not really cleand out good. I decied that I will clean it every six months just to make sure. Hope this helps.

YEA! It worked! my husband went out to get a new dryer belt ( he was the bright one to put the heavy undrained towels in the dryer to break it) he said we would have to call repair becasue after taking apart the dryer- he's not taking apart the washer. While he was out- I fixed the washer!! :) Thanks for the tip- lots of hair, lint, change, insides of pens(again my husband), zipper pieces, and a rock (7 yr old) thanks for extra water tip comeing out- had towel ready and needed it!!!!!

Mine kept stopping mid cycle also, pouring water on the floor, then the start/pause button flashed and the door unlocked. I found the solution to clean the lint filter on the GE Adora. Go to

I just did this and my washer is now running instead of the flashing start/pause and door unlocking. It was fairly easy. Make sure you have towels and a flat pan to catch the water if you don't have the machine on a riser. There may be water inside so a wet vac may be helpful too. Once my washer finishes what was in it, I have these funky towels to clean. You'll be very surprised what you find in the filter! Best of luck!

Same thing happend here. I read all the suggestions. I own the GE wssh300g, had it about a year of course it won't spin or drain 1 week after the warranty. I removed the front cover. There is no obvious filter on this model. You need to remove the flexible rubber boot. Beware once you remove the 3 clamps water will go everyware, so I used a wet-dry vac while removing the clamps (NO MESS). There is a plastic filter inside the boot. It was filled with lint, coins, and a sock. I think this needs to be cleaned every 2 or 3 months. Thank God there was no damage to the pump everything works great. This is my favorite new web site

We have a GE front loading washing machine Canadian Model WCXH208H1WW which, I think, is the same or similar to the US model WSXH208A. Lately it won't complete the spin cycle leaving the clothes wet. I couldn't find any specific instructions, so I created a step-by-step how-to. Check: GE WSXH208/WCXH208 won't drain or spin (

Good luck!

THANK YOU. for those of you with a screw driver, here are the photos on how to.

It takes a philips screw driver and 20 minutes. The white screws may not align perfectly but don't worry, just get them to go back in the hole(no harm done).

I'm going to admit it was my wife that found this fix, so now I give the step by step photos.

Small white screws (3 in total)
cover "falls" off
Unscrew the lint trap (turn to the left)return when clean to hand tight
Bob's your uncle and a freebee for CMKX'rs.

Hub and wife team.

Washer fills, washes but won't spin. washes back and forth just no fast spin. Since it does not spin , won't drain either.

This is a fantastic site. I was ready to buy a new washer as I certainly wasn't going to call a repairman for what was going to be an ongoing problem. After reading all your posts and looking at the pictures that someone so helpfully proviced I went down to the washer, removed the panel and opened the filter. I got about 2 gallons of water on the floor when I did that so spent a half hour cleaning up. I cleaned the filter put it back in and the machine works fine. It's amazing to me that there is a filter and not an easier way to clean it. A hole in the front panel would work great. There was nothing large in there, just your normal stuff that collects in filters. I will never buy anything from GE again as they are the most unhelpful people we have ever dealt with. You would think this would be in the owners manual.

Shame on GE for not being more informative about the lint trap. My GE Adora Front Loader was not draining water and leaving my load soaked. Just before coming across this website, I was writing down the phone number for a repairman to come out and look at the machine.
I had my husband unscrew the 3 screws on the lower bottom panel and there it was!! He turned the latch and out come pouring dirty water along with baby socks, rubber bands and $2.33 in change and not to mention a **** load of lint. I started the wash again and its running beautifully. I am so excited. Thanks for the information and I will definitely clean that filter more often now that I know its there.
I also read the manual before checking online and no where in the book does it tell you that there is a filter on this machine that should be cleaned regularly.

Thanks again!!!! :)

As suggested by others, I removed the three screws at the bottom of the front panel, removed the filter on the lower right, used the front panel as a catch basin for the water in the sump and pulled out the filter / screen. There was a lot of lint, coins, etc. Original problem was that washer would not come up to high spin speed, it would stop, pump out and then refill / rerinse. After filter cleaned, watched it cycle up to high speed and it worked like when it was first bought.
Why would GE put an obvious maintenance item behind a service panel???

Where is the filter located on the GE front load washer?

Thank you.  Thank you.  My husband and I were dreading calling someone out because we knew the problem would cost us more for a service call rather than the actual problem.  Especially on a year and half old washer.  Thank goodness for the internet.  How did we live without it?  This solution solved everything, our washer is running like new and we will check it regularly to get the money and lego's out.  Thank you again.

OMG!! THANKS to EVERYONE!! Followed steps to clean filter and now its working again!! I wish that I could return the GE set that I bought and get a different brand....this issue should have been stated in manual!! Sounds like money making scheme to me......NEVER AGAIN will I buy GE!!!!

My thank you to husbandwifet! Perfect fix for my problems. The photos were a major plus in helping me to locate the issue. This is information that should be posted in the manual! Again, thank you for taking the time to post on the site and for including photos....

Thank you for an easy solution. We found close to $3 in coins, hair rubber bands, rusted hair clips, and even a plastic star necklace that was stuck in the tube. Everything is working now. I plan to clean the filter twice a year. *** Careful removing the drain, you will see about a quart or more water pour out. Amazing how dry our clothes were coming out of a good spin cycle that actually drains correctly. Thanks to All !!!!!!!

We had the exact same problem and your solution worked.  We, too, will be cleaning the filter on a regular basis now.  Thanks to all of you for your advice and comments - you just saved us a bunch of money!

Thank you.....a savor at a very frustrated washer had two screws at the bottom to remove the panel, then a screw and vice grips remove the black rubber boot thing, which still stayed connected in one area. This made it hard to maneuver and get it out but it was well worth it. I found $1.53 in change, a rubber band, a baby washcloth, a care bear puffy sticker and a small piece of paper. Phew. Works like new. I think it is bull that GE does not have this in the manual. Money making scheme, Ha! They have been caught. I hope others are able to find this as I did in my desperate search via the internet. Thanks again to all of you who posted.

Thought it would be fun to post what I just found in mine! (and thanks so much for the solutions guys and girls- I was starting to get more agitated than my machine because it kept pausing on me- took me 7 hours to get one load done, since I'd have to keep unpausing it). Anyway, $1.13 in change, Two shredded one dollar bills, two unmatching hair barretts, an empty bullet shell (what the hell?), a giant pen (ok, how did that get through?) a toddler's sock (again, huh?) an earplug, a ring, a pendant, and gunk, ew. Three years worth of stuff! Maybe I should have a yard sale or something. (Maybe not).

Wow, thank you guys so much. I am a new mom and my husband is gone a lot with work so i am stuck with "tending to the house". A GE worker was here about a year ago when we had our machine for 1 month, our control panel had burnt out. I was so dreading calling the maintenace crew b/c it takes FOREVER!!! I am so sick of GE appliances. If it wasnt for you guys i'd still be knee deep in quarters, lint, safety pins, and oh yeah STINKY water. Thank you all so much!!!!!

Any metal in the trap causes this issue. Worst design ever. I upholster furniture for a living and even a half of a staple in the trap will stop the washer from spinning the clothes dry. I clean the trap at least a couple times a month. What a PITA.

I had the repairman out last year and the year before. I know how to remove the drain plug and yes we have a family so we have the same buildup. However the washer is not cycling and i am afraid that something is stuck much higher closer to the drum. I will tear the back off and remove the big rubber thing and see if it works. An expensive washing machine. I will go back to a cheap washing machine and fewer problems. Damn thing pissed me off, spent good money on it. Never again will i buy a GE appliance

After reading all the posts in this thread, I found the answer to my washer's problem. I also could not drain or spin and was blaming it on my daughter for overloading machine. Instead by taking off the front panel just under the door (3 screws held it on at bottom of panel), I found the drain plug. It was a large white platic screw off type plug. I had a large plastic tub and my shop vac handy, as very smelly dirty water comes flying out. Attached to the plug is a plastic filter of sorts, more like a baffle that traps everything coming out of your pockets. It was completly pluged with sheets of paper, coins, lint and dog hair. Emptyed the filter, put it back in and screwed it tight. Put the panel back on, but with only one screw in middle holding it, (this was the hardest part of fix, can't get screws back in right) and my machine is now washing just like new!! After praising God and this web site for helping me I did my happy dance and all is well. By the way I'm a middle aged woman who was able to do this quite easily, so if I can do it you can too. I also apologized to my daughter, but still cautioned checking pockets better! Thanks to all of you for your input, you save me $$$$ on calling a repairman. Not sure if this is my washers model # but willing to bet they are all similar.

Found 4.50 in change my missing motorcycle key and a few rounds of AK ammo. A ton of lint/dog hair. My machine had a twist out filter. easy fix thanks.

YAY! I fixed it myself! After my husband took a quick look before heading out to golf and telling me that "there is no accessible drain" I googled the problem and found you guys! THANK YOU!

So, in case anyone else has a difficult time finding the correct screws to unscrew. They are the 3 white ones at the very bottom of the washer near the feet. That bottom panel pops off and the drain is the white circle. Turn that a few times and pull out. There is quite a bit of water that drains out, so have a towel handy!

Thank you so much! I too found the bobby pin, money, hair buckles, a golf tee, costume jewelery and I think a small dog! I didn't know that there was a drain and to think of how much damage could have been caused if it wasn't cleaned out. All of my appliances are GE, bought at the same time, I probably won't buy them again.

I had this problem once before and we recently cleaned out the filter. But the thing still won't spin or drain!! Filter clean! What now?

Wow! A had almost $2 in change plus screws, hair pins and lots of gunk. The scary thing is that I also found a white piece of cylinder like tubing....say a dime in diameter that has broken off and was just laying there. Not sure if this will ultimately affect the peformance so I guess I'm going to break down and call the maintenance men since I have an extended warranty. I let you know in 2-3 months and or whenever they finally come and attempt to tell me the issue with the "mystery piece".

Thanks everyone! The advice worked like a charm. We noticed the timer seemed to be off .The water from the drain was only a trickle and was rank smelling.The fast spin did not work and the clothes were wet at the end. Drain hose plugged? Filter clogged? No help from the manual, of course.$1.79,4 screws,drill bit,one rubber band and a fistful of gunk later, viiola! works fine.I suggest not putting the front panel back on until 1st load and check the filter for any leftover debris. This damn machine would not work after the 1st week of service 5 repair calls and 11 boxes of parts with no end in site. My warrior wife found an email for a GE ceo and 1 day later we had a new machine which has been ok for 1 1/2 years. GE would not pick up the parts shipped for the "repair techs" so i sold them online. (small victory)

Same problem. Same fix. Thank goodness I found this before I burnt up my pump (at least it's working for now). I got $7.14, a scrunchie, safety pin, one knee high, and lots of little hair rubber bands. Oh yea, and lint.

To those of you who still have your washer and dryer under warranty. My washer began to leak and rusted the drawer under it. The warranty put a new seal on it and said that the original seal was defective. So if your's is leaking please push the fact that the original seals may have been defective. If I would've had to pay for this it would've cost at least 150 dollars according to the two service men who fixed our's.