Stops drains and bleeps with only spin light illuminated

The model is an F & P GW611 Excellence top loading washer.
I load the machine and start the cycle. The drum fills then after a few minutes it stops and drains. Two of the short cycle lamps and the spin lamp illuminate and a beeping sounds. If I turn the power off and on again the machine goes straight to this mode, the drain pump remains running. If I press the start button the beeping stops and the lamps goes out, but the lid locked light comes on.

It sounds like you need to re programme the
With the machine plugged into the wall and
turned on and the headset turned off this is what
you do.
Push and hold down the start button, while doing that you need to then push and hold down the power button.
Hold them down for about 5 seconds, during
which time you may a series of up to 3 beeps.
Then release the buttons.
Turn the machine off and then on again followed by the start button. Allow the machine to then run the complete cycle.
This should correct your problem, if this doesn't then you may need to then look at replacing the computer panels.