Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error message code F1

Our washer gets an "F1" error message when it's got 17 minutes remaining in the complete cycle. any ideas?


Thanks everyone for all the insight. I have a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer set that was bought in May of 2007. We also have had the F1 code display. At first we could stop/reset and restart but lately it takes 5 or 6 tries and or doesn't work at all. Thanks to this board, I was able to contact customer service and the ady I spoke with was very upfront about the issue. I did mention this board and that I knew there was a recall or quality control issue upfront. It took several minutes but she set up a service appointment and the parts and labor will be completely paid for. My model # for my washer is WTW6400SW2. Important to mention that I did call the recall helpline 1st from their website and after giving them the model and serial number, they said there was no recalls for it. In the end, it was the customer service number everyone mentioned that was able to solve my problem. Funny when I gave them my phone #, they were able to pull my washer model and serial # up without me telling them so they must have logged my call from earlier. Calling more than once just may be the solution. Until they see notes written on the account, they may be instructed just to play dumb?
Thanks again----Jeremy, IL

I had Sears come out and they installed a new board it cost about $400.00 but it resolved the problem

I have started a petition to be sent to the CEO of Whirlpool Corp., Jeff Fettit.
Follow the link, and please sign it! The more the better! Spread the word!
You may also copy and post it to any other groups/discussions about this problem.


Thank you!!!

Ok, the deal is that the recall is on the 6600, not the 6400.

When I called and explained the same F1problem that everyone has, my customer service guy told me the part was under warranty, but not the labor. I persisted (calmly) and he finally suggested that I talk to a supervisor, who quickly approved parts and labor for my 2 1/2 year old 6400 even though it wasn't part of the recall.

The first guy told me that he has a protocol to follow and can only do so much. So don't start yelling at the first person you talk to. If you don't get the answer you want, just ask for a supervisor. The first guy even thanked me at the end for being so calm and polite. He said so many people just start to go off...very nice kid, but only had so much power.


If you follow the prompts on this link, you can find the appropriate Better Business Bureau to file a complaint with on these Whirlpool Cabrio machines. The corporate location for Whirlpool is listed as the second listing on the BBB site. They are located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. You search by company name, and I believe this listing is the second one on the list. Following the prompts, you should be redirected to a Chicago bureau or a different bureau that is appropriate for handling your complaint. I hope this helps someone.

Also, please, please sign the petition that is being circulated online with regard to this matter. There is strength in numbers. Here is a link:


Thank you and have a blessed day.


Just called whirlpool (800-253-1301) to complain about the F1 problem i get at the beg of the cycle and at 18 & 17 minutes and they are sending someone out monday to fix the problem and they are picking up the parts & labor. I've called numerous times over the past year or so. Thank you to whoever has been pushing this issue. If you have the same problem, please call & they should take care of you.

UPDATE on the F1 failure code!!!

Cabrio washer now 19 months old.

Sent my name and other info to the lawyer listed in the post on this site that was supposed to be handling a class action; never had a reply or ackknowledgement from them. Had sent my name to be included in the lawsuit after getting off the phone with whirlpool and they had only wanted to do a 15% off the replacement card.

After reading the post today from beansaregood advising of a recall, I called Whirlpool and lo and behold the service agent advised the soonest they could get a repair person out would be tomarrow. Actually to soon, scheduled for Thur AM and confirmed twice that there would be absolutely no charge for anything.

Same F1 problem within 2 years of having the Washer.  Mine is a WTW6600SW1 (not 2) and I called 2 days ago to have a $70 diagnostic visit scheduled.  They came today and within 1 minute of looking at the machine the repair person told me that I needed a new power board.  This was before he ever took anything apart.  After he confirmed that was indeed the problem he gave me an estimate of $398 to replace the part (labor and part).  I declined his "generous" offer.
I then called Whirlpool and gave them a list of all of the Whirlpool model numbers I have in my house, (frig, microwave, oven, dishwasher, dryer, and washer). After waiting a long time for the agent to come on the line I gave her my washer model and asked her to guess why I was calling.  She guessed on the first try.  I was so sweet and polite and requested that they consider picking up the cost of the repair and part for my washer that is less than 2 years old.  She accepted and is sending out another repair person tomorrow to fix it on Whirlpools dime.

Great solution - today (June 21, 2012) I called and simply gave them my model number and serial number and explained the "F1" code and said that there was a recall and it was a known defect with their control board . . . they put me on hold for about 2 minutes - came back and scheduled me a complete repair on them for this Saturday - It was great and they were very nice. Mind you, I bought my cambrio in 2006 - so it is going on 6 years old. They must have a true recall on this now . . because they didn't even mention the age of the machine or for the fact it was totally out of warranty. Good to know. Hope this helps someone else . . .

I also was having the F1 code displaying before my wash load started and also twice with 19 mins left on EVERY cycle. I read the manual and said to check for hoses being crimped and other suggestions, didn't solve the problem and decided to check online and wow, so many people with same issue! We bought our washer in July of 2006 and I read some of the other comments and noticed that mostly everyone's comments were a few years ago. It is now 2013 and figured if I call Whirlpool and let them know about the F1 code they would tell me our washer is old and it's a wear and tear issue, and of course our warranty expired awhile ago. I decided to call anyway and God was on our side!! The service rep. was very polite and I just gave him our home # and he had all our information, date when purchased and all, didn't have to provide with model # or anything. Service guy is coming on 2-18-13, just a few days from now and best of all FREE OF CHARGE!! So it doesn't hurt to call Whirlpool 1-800-253-1301. Thank you all who have taken the time to post your comments, it does help someone else in this world going through the same problems, we"re all helping each other! I would encourage you to call and try again if a service rep is not helping you the first time.

I telephoned Whirlpool at 1-800-253-1301. Whirlpool acknowledged the F1 fault and will send a serviceman, free parts and labor, to correct the problem concerning the "famous" F1 fault. This is even for washers out of warranty! This concerns model WTW6600SW2 washers. Be sure to get the authorization code from them so the service person cannot argue about costs. Hope this helps.

I have had the same problem with my Whirlpool Cabrio washer (Model WTW6600SW). After reading the blogs on this website, I called Whirlpool today (1-800-253-1301) and explained the problem and that I had read numerous things online that indicated a recall on this machine. After looking into it, the representative arranged for a service call in a week with the parts and labor covered. I would suggest giving this a try.

We had the same F1 issue with our washer, The tech came out after calling WhirlPool and he didnt even know that this was an issue, Whirlpool didnt issue a service bulletin about this recall?? Imagine that..... Anyways after the tech got here he determined it was the board and said it was going to cost me like $139.00 or something like that anyways I told him that when I called whirlpool they said this was a known issue and would be covered on a recall anyway the tech argued with me until I called Whirlpool and put them on speaker and got it cleared up that way, The tech called his tech support and they tried to tell him that this was not covered and this problem was caused from putting too much soap in the washer and it wasnt covered. Anyway that guy had to call Whirlpool to verify and get some kind of Special number to bill it too. The tech finally got everything on the straight and narrow and the new board is ordered and there is no cost to me, Over $300.00 all together that Whirlpool is picking up. Just waiting on the tech to come up next week to install the board when it comes in.

Hope this helps some of you. Call WhirlPool they are finally stepping up to the plate!

I called Whirlpool 1-800-253-1301 beginning of December and was able to get a tech out to verify the issue I have is the F1 error recall everyone is having. I did have to mention to the Whirlpool rep on the phone that I heard this was a recall. He did not volunteer this information. I also mentioned this would be a covered expense by them. He agreed and was able to get someone out within a week. The tech had to order the part and rescheduled the next week. It was mailed to my house and tech installed it. The tech was also very polite and knew this was happening to a lot of these washers. It is working beautifully now. Everything worked out thanks to everyone that has posted.

I have had a problem with the F1 code. After a few calls to whirlpool I got a nice lady in service and she authorized a 1 time part replacement. I told her I wanted the motherboard. she said it was on backorder...I got it the next day in the mail and installed it and everything is fine again....I checked my mail today and I had another motherboard in my mailbox. Thanks Whirlpool.

Called 1-800-253-1301, spoke to a woman named Valerie in customer service. They said they had a quality issue associated with the F1 fault code and that they would take care of the parts and labor free of charge. My machine is 28 months old.

Won't cover the labor!!! Model WTW6600SW2. Very unhappy based on all the comments above. Spoke with Brandy at 800-253-1301 and then her supervisor (Sherri - ID number 13162). Supervisor said based on my unit's serial number and the fact that it was purchased 12/31/07, they would only cover the parts, not the labor. Supervisor said there is nothing else she can do. Any suggestions? I went ahead and scheduled the appointment, but am open to suggestions on how to recover the $129 + tax labor charge. Thanks!

Just got off the phone with Lisa (x - 8219) from Whirlpool and she told me, as stated earlier, that this a known quality issue with this washer. She told me (didn't have to ask) that parts and labor were covered. Then contacted the repair company to confirm this information, which they confirmed. They will be out next Thursday to repair my washer. Thanks everyone.

Here is a video that will help you out tremendously.


I started noticing the F1 error on my Whirlpool Cabrio washer upon starting a load... Obviously, the same problem that so many hundreds of others have already noted here. After reading through several of the posts here, I did the following and Whirlpool picked up the tab for parts & labor, no questions asked.

I received a service call immediately when I reported making a legal claim and seeking action. The man came and spent 2 minutes under washer and 'tightened a screw" then left. Did not try washer. It started again and I called Whirlpool again. Spoke to a supervisor and again I got a visit. Man changed out a few parts then left with no testing. It id not work. I called Whirlpool 5 times then I called the extended warranty folks. Since I had repeat service calls for the same issue, they filed a claim for me with Whirlpool. I had copy of receipt then one day a check came in the mail to buy back my washer. I now have an LG and works flawlessly now for a year.


Thanks for the valuable information regarding the recall. I purchased my Cabrio way back in April 2007, but recently began having the F1 error code problem. After researching the problem online, I came across this information here and decided to try and call customer service about the recall. I just wanted to inform anyone else that may come along and worry it's too late, that it is not. They are still honoring the recall for repair. Thanks again.

Just called customer service (1-866-698-2538) and there is a recall on this product. They are sending a service repair man to fix the problem, free of charge. All you need to do is call and let them know your issue and they will schedule someone to come out! Merry Christmas! :-)

Whirlpool did a recall on this problem here is there number try this first. Whirlpool 1-800-253-1301
On a number of ranges this can mean a number of things, the most common being a failed ERC(EOC, Clock assembly)or a faulty touchpad. Firstly if you are using a recent Maytag range it may pay to test the oven sensor as described above as this may cause an F1 error if faulty (may apply to some other ranges as well) this is not a common cause but is worth discounting. To check the ERC and touchpad

Whirlpool Cabrio F1 error code - NOW A RECALL ISSUE! model # WTW6600SW2

You need a new mother board, the ones installed are faulty. Had mine replaced today, on my 19 month old washer. Whirlpool paid for everything, because thy no they are faulty. Call them, if it dosen't work, file with the BBB. I had a response within 4 days.


Go to the contact number in the lower right, don't bother with technical assistance, just get to an agent. I said I had 1500 websites with 10 or more complaints per site and this was a recall issue, if they weren't aware of it. She stalled until I suggested that I speak with a supervisor and possibly start emailing people in the company. She didn't even ask for my model number or any information. The only caveat I have is that I did register the machine when I bought it; I don't know if that matters.

EIther way, parts & service are free, and it will be fixed Monday (today is Saturday). The lady was friendly- I think she was just stalling to see if I'd demand it be fixed for free.

I Have a Cabrio washer that is flashing the F1 code as well. I called the customer service number and I must say I am VERY impressed with Whirlpool. They are sending someone out to fix the problem free of charge! She said they are aware of a "quality issue" and are making sure to take care of it with the free parts and labor. Therefore, I still love my whirlpool Cabrio!
While I have to wait a few days for a repair man, I have found that pressing the "pause" button and then the "start" button sends the machine back into the cycle. Sometimes it takes a few trys but it works for now until I can get my machine repaired.

I called customer service and spoke with a representative who told me my model #WTW634OWWO was not part of the recall. I politely asked for a supervisor who said there was nothing they could do for me. I explained that I would be reporting to the BBB and also calling the corporate office to no avail. Thankfully, another poster included the number for the Executive Offices 269-923-5000. After explaining the situation, I was told Whirlpool values their customers and would cover the repair free of charge, regardless of warranty or recall. My appointment is scheduled for Monday morning!

Called Whirlpool customer service Friday afternoon in an attempt to get a replacement control board. They were willing to give me 15% off the board, told them no thank you and that if that's all their willing to do will be advising the lawyers to include me in the class action suit; which I did.

I just called the 1-800-253-1301 number about the F-1 error code.I talked to an agent named Dustin who, after hearing F-1, scheduled an appointment the next day for repairs at no cost to me.


Over the last few weeks, I've also been having an issue with the washer stopping and beeping with the "F1" error code displayed- during the start of the wash cycle. I just called the 1-800-253-1301 # and my washer model/serial # is covered for a free control board replacement, including labor. I have the Model WTW6300SWO/Serial CT2970783 washer that I purchased in the fall of 2006. The rep, April, was very nice and was able to schedule the repair within 3 days. Thank God I found this website! :) Now we just need our Cabrio dryer fixed. It takes HOURS for one load to dry. Never again am I buying Whirlpool!

We bought this washer about a year ago and we are now experiancing this same issue F1 code. I have a home owners warrenty that cost me 55.00 per repair. I will do this only once and I will file a complaint with the bbb. Thanks for posting this for all the rst of us.

I have a Whirlpool Cabrio Model # WTW6300SW0 that gets the F1... it started a couple months ago... and now I get this error a dozen times during one wash cycle. This only started 1.5 years after purchase date from Lowes in California. I called into Whirlpool at 1-866-698-2538 and gave them my model # and serial #. They are aware of the issue. She was very responsive. They are sending out a tech to repair the washing machine. Whirlpool will pay for parts and labor so no cost to me. Today is Saturday and they will be here in 2 days time, Monday to repair. If you have not called in recently, I would call to see if they will repair at no cost to you.

I just had the mother board replaced today, at no charge. A faulty chip in the mother board is the issue with the F1 problem. There are two other parts that are recalled, however Whirlpool will not contact you about them. I think it is a ring-tub wash platform (the bottom piece). They should both be replaced free of charge, You will just have to ask about them in order to get them fixed. The 800 number should be in your manual or just scroll down in the post to find it. The parts will be mailed to you over night and the repair for the F1 problem doesn't take long at all. 30 minutes tops. Hope this helps.

I bought Cabrio in November of 2006, model WTW6600SB0. About a month ago I started getting the F1 message also and it has been getting worse to get my machine to start. I called 800-253-1301 and within 5 minutes they had an appointment scheduled to have a technician come out to fix the machine completely free of charge. I was a little worried since I never registered my product or bought the extended warranty that it wouldn't be covered but they somehow had all of my information and were great about getting it fixed immediately.

As outlined in another post, this solution worked perfectly. Was on the phone a total of 6 minutes and have a scheduled maintance appt. set w/ no cost to me. Was advised this now being handled under a special project and I did not even need to go into detail w/ the agent other than what the specific error code was.

I had the same problem with my Whirlpool Cabrio. (F1 error code)Thanks to you guys, I called 1 800 253 1301 and the problem will be taken care of free of charge.Whirlpool help desk took care the problem in just a few minutes. Just a little inconvenience to schedule a repair person.

I am having the same F1 issue and contacted Whirlpool today. They said thsi is considered a "special project" and is not a recall. They said they would send someone out and cover parts and labor, but that I would be responsible for the service call fee and cost of diagnostics. i think this is ridiculous and they should cover the full cost. Have any others had this same issue or did they also cover the service call/dianostic fees?