Maytag washer not reset after power outage

My Maytag washer MAV5920EWW is not working after power outage. The lights around the control knob flash twice every 15 seconds. When I press down the control knob to start the machine, it works until the lights flash again. I tried unplugging and re-plugging or turn it off, but nothing I tried so far can reset it. A technician checked it and said the control board needs to be replaced. Is there a way to reset it? Thanks a lot!

The technician is right, the control board needs to be replaced. No such reset button for the control board. The only way it can possibly reset it is unplugging it for longer period to forcibly reset the microcontroller but there's no assurance that it will reset. Let the machine sit overnight before purchasing a new control board with part number 21002238.

The magnetic switch was stuck due to power outage / contactor are spark connect the contactor stuck together .Magnetic switch to replace.